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10 Questions with ZCOOP’s Contributor of the Month: Faith Joan Chua

As a writer, there’s nothing that brings us greater joy than seeing our works resonate with our readers. Which is why we want you to share your stories too, and stand a chance to grow your readership and portfolio!

ZCOOP seeks writers passionate about their favourite topics — fashion, beauty, film, books, travel, music, what have you — to contribute to the publication. The top contributor of the month stands to win attractive prizes and a shout-out on social media!

Our Contributor of the Month for April is Faith Joan Chua, a 21-year old Mass Communication student from Singapore Polytechnic, who is an avid music and art lover and who binge-watches movies on Netflix (don’t we all?). Oh, and, “If you love K-pop, you can be my new best friend!”

Find out more about here in the interview below:

  1. When did you first discover your love for reading and/or writing?

My love for reading was instilled in me at a very young age. When I was about three or four years old, my mom would deliberately leave books lying around the house hoping that I would read them. I fell for her trap of course, and by the time I was 10 my house had bookshelves everywhere — three in the living room, two in my bedroom, and one for every bathroom.

My passion for writing emerged around the age of six, when I started learning how to write essays in kindergarten. At a very young age, I already knew that I wanted to become a writer.

2. What do you typically write?

I maintain a personal blog, where I write about lifestyle, food and relationships.

I love blogging because it gives me the excuse to get out of the house and explore new things. If there’s a new café in town, I’d check it out. Hipster food fair? I’d go and take some pictures. New app? I’d try it out and write a review. I just love trying out new things and sharing my experiences with those around me.

3. Any weird writing habits/rituals?

Me in my favourite jacket

I always write with my favourite jacket on. When it’s time to write I would turn on the air-conditioning, grab my favourite jacket, and let the creative juices flow.

I also tend to make weird faces when I’m writing and read my sentences out loud. According to my roommate, I bite my lips and stare into blank spaces when I don’t know how to continue writing a sentence.

4. Who are some of your favourite authors or content sites?

My favourite authors are Jodi Picoult and John Green. They wrote some of my favourite books including My Sister’s Keeper and An Abundance of Katherines. I know it’s pretty cliché to like John Green, but his style of writing really appeals to me. He may be turning 40 soon, but still has the ability to draw in younger audiences with his raw sense of humor and relatable characters.

5. Favorite genres?

Books and movies alike, I love sci-fi/fantasy and space fiction with stories set in alternate universes, time loops, and wormholes. The idea of living in a world with all these possibilities is very intriguing yet scary at the same time.

If you love sci-fi like me, I recommend this movie Primer by Shane Carruth. It will blow your mind (like it did mine)!

6. Are you more of a fashionista or beauty junkie? Why?

I do consider myself more of a fashionista because truth is, I don’t really use makeup! Not that I don’t want to, but my skin is really sensitive and I easily get breakouts if I don’t remove the makeup properly.

On the other hand, I buy clothes at least once a month (in bulk!) and I love to be ahead of trends. Once a trend gets too mainstream, I’d ditch it and look for something new.

7. If you could write any article or book, which one would you have written?

Image from Amazon

I would love to be the author of a book called The Bucket List. In it, I’d list down all the things I want to do, with step-by-step guides on how to achieve it. Hopefully, this book would serve as motivation to those who want to set out to achieve their goals but aren’t courageous enough to do so. If you’re wondering if I have that many goals to write into a book, the answer is yes — I have about 250 goals at the moment!

8. What are some of your music influences?

I play the piano and violin and was in a marching band for five years, so the type of music I listen to range from orchestral to classical. When I was in primary school my dad used to play Mozart symphonies every morning during breakfast, and this habit continued until I was in secondary school.

However, I do listen to mainstream pop too, and my favourite singers are Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars. The last song I heard today was Ed Sheeran’s Dive.

9. Why did you decide to contribute to ZCOOP and how does it feel to be the top contributor of the month?

Prior to joining ZCOOP, I was part of ZALORA’s brand ambassador program for about a year. I wanted to do something related to writing so I wrote into ZCOOP and asked if they were looking for external content contributors.

Being part of ZCOOP has been a great experience and there is nothing more satisfying than seeing your content being published for people to read. When I was informed that I was top contributor for the month of April, I felt very, very honoured. It is such a blessing to be recognised for something you love doing, and I thank ZCOOP for giving me this wonderful opportunity to be heard.

10. What do you see your creative self doing in the future?

In another five to 10 years, I see myself travelling the world and writing about places I don’t even know how to pronounce. Trying new things, meeting new people, and learning about different cultures from all over the world. Who knows, I may even publish The Bucket List as my debut book!

11. Where can we view more of your work?

You can view my work on ZCOOP or at my blog. If you just want to know more about me, feel free to follow me on Instagram @faithfullyours18!

Thank you for your contributions, Faith! We look forward to seeing more of your writing on ZCOOP.

If you would like to write for us, drop us an email at community@zalora.com with your ideas! (Oh, and state the country you’re based in because we’re found across six countries in the region.)

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