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6 Accountability Apps That Will Skyrocket Your Success

StickK takes privacy seriously, so you are in control of who can see the goal you’re working on. You can share it only with the people that you want.

2. GoFuckingDoIt

GoFuckingDoIt is a simplified version of StickK. If you want to get a similar functionality but don’t want to bother with registering an account or setting up your goal, GoFuckingDoIt is for you.

How It Works

The goal setup process here takes less than a minute. You go through 6 quick steps and you’re ready to go:

  1. Write down your goal
  2. Set the deadline
  3. Set the price
  4. Set the supervisor’s email
  5. Set your own email
  6. Set the payment method

When you complete the process your supervisor will get an email asking them whether you succeeded at the goal or not. If your supervisor marks the goal as unsuccessful you will lose the money.

3. Beeminder

Beeminder is a reminder with a sting! Meaning if you don’t stay on track with your goal you pay money. The difference with StickK and GoFuckingDoIt is that you don’t need a referee to determine your success. Instead, Beeminder works by connecting to other apps that track your goals like Fitbit, RescueTime, Todoist, and many others.

How it works

The setup process is similar — pick your goal, set the deadline, and define your payment method.

Once you define the goal you have to set your pledge amount. When you fail once the pledge increases, so failing a second time gets more expensive.

However, Beeminder is not as harsh as it sounds. It gives you some leeway and time to get back on track after you fail. It uses a yellow brick road as a metaphor for you staying on target.

As you track your goal every day the data is logged on the graph. As long as the data points are within the yellow brick road it means you’re on your way to achieving the goal.

However, if you veer off the road the data point becomes red. Then you have until midnight to get back on track or you’ll get charged the pledge amount.

At any point in time, you can change your goal to be easier or harder and adjust the yellow brick road. It seems like this defeats the whole purpose of the accountability, but there is a catch — any changes you make will take effect after 7 days. That way can’t cheat due to short-time weakness, but you can still adjust the goal long term.

4. Pact

Pact is a phone only app that lets you earn money from staying on track with your goals. Granted you’re not going to become a millionaire but you will be getting some extra cash by doing what’s good for you anyway.

How it works

Because of the way Pact works you can only track 3 types of goals:

  1. Going to the Gym
  2. Eating Your Veggies
  3. Logging Your Food

To make sure you’re not cheating Pact tracks your data accurately. Say your goal is going to the gym. Pact uses the GPS data on your phone to figure out if you’re actually at the gym. The Pact team manually approves every gym location to make sure you’re not lying.

For Food Logging the app connects to MyFitnessPal to track your meals.

Similarly to Beeminder, you can change your pact but the changes will take effect next week. Even if you delete the account, the app gives you one week to reconsider and to make sure you’re not giving up in a moment of weakness.

Once you start a commitment there is no way to back down and if you fail you will pay the price. So make sure when you’re making the pact you’re a 100% committed to achieving it.

There is some leeway in the form of a medical emergency. So say you get injured and can’t go to the gym for a while, you can put your pact on hold so you don’t get charged unfairly.

5. Pavlok

The heart of Pavlok is a wristband that gives you electrical shocks when you’re doing something you’re not supposed to be doing. It’s a great way to break bad habits by giving negative reinforcement to your brain.

Say you want to stop smoking. Every time that you feel like lighting a cigarette you give yourself an electrical shock (zap) and train your brain that it’s a bad behavior.

The app has a few defined presets for the most common negative habits like snacking, nail biting, cravings, and hair pulling.

The app has a great habit tracker that logs your negative habits and gradually trains you to give them up.

How it works

There are 3 ways that you can trigger a zap:

  1. Manually by pressing the lightning bolt on the band.
  2. Automatically by setting up conditions in the app.
  3. Giving control to another person.

If the electrical shock is too negative for you, you can also use a simple beep or vibration as a reminder.

One of the best features of Pavlok is the Google Chrome extension. You can link it directly to your Pavlok and use it to give you feedback on your browsing habits. For example, make it zap you when you go to a website that you use for procrastination during work time. Or zap you when you open more than 5 tabs. You can also link Pavlok to RescueTime or Todoist and set up zaps or reminder based on the parameters from those apps.

6. Coach.me

Coach.me takes accountability to the next level with personal coaching. It’s very helpful to have friends, family, and apps supporting you with accountability, but nothing beats hiring a professional coach that is an expert on a specific topic.

The problem is that not a lot of people could afford to pay for a personal coach to help them on their goals. Coach.me changes all that by offering affordable online coaches that specialize in various self-improvement categories like exercise, diet, meditation, writing, productivity, and breaking addictions.

Since there are so many coaches online, coach.me helps you find the best one for you by ranking the coaches based on client feedback. In addition, there is a description and an introduction from every coach so you can decide if he or she is the right one for you.

A coach will message you every day with reminders and helpful suggestions to keep you on track.

In addition to the coaching, the app has a great habit tracker that you can use to keep track of your progress. Once you pick a coach, he also has access to the statistics for your goal. He can review your progress and give you reminders and nudges.

The price for most coaches is $14.99 a week.

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