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7 Habits of Successful Students

7 Habits of Successful Students

Student life is one of the most rebellious stage of a person’s life. Some devote themselves towards studies and some do not find study charming at all. No matter on what level of education you are on, studies are always important for your bright future. One good thing is that it is never too late to be a good student. Here are 7 habits of successful students which not only benefits us in student life but also as an adult.

Table of contents:

1. Planning

2. Short session of studying

3. Study timing

4. Set goals

5. Review notes before every assignment

6. Non- distracted study

7. Group study

8. Conclusion

1. Planning

Out of 7 habits of highly effective students this one holds extreme importance. Try to plan out your work before time. There should be a difference between you and others who pass time in each class. Form a schedule throughout the week and then stick to it. Create a weekly routine for reviewing your course, attempt this habit now and you will definitely thank me later.

2. Short sessions of studying

Have you ever found yourself absorbed in books late at night and expending all your energy trying to open the eyelids than studying? A piece of advice, do not do that! Believe it or not this is one of the worst study habits for college students. Try to divide your study session into short sessions rather than 2 long sessions. Studying for longer hours will shunt your ability of acquiring knowledge, so if you want to be a successful study in shorter sessions.

3. Study timing

Not just planning what you are about to study, it is also crucial for you to develop a consistent study routine. Studying on the same time each day will make studies a regular part of your life. You will be prepared for studying subconsciously before time. It is one of the best habits of successful high school students. You may change your study timing due to unexpected events but try coming back on track afterwards.

4. Set goals:

Setting goal is extremely important if we want to achieve success and you need a definite strategy for setting goals. This is applicable for studying too. Studying without directions will lead you nowhere and as a result your grades will go down. Write down what you want to achieve in each study session so that you get an idea about what you need to learn every time you study.

5. Review notes before every assignment:

This is one of the most needed Successful student habits. Always take notes during lecture. The notes should be precise and clear. This will help you big time before starting any particular assignment. Notes will give you a way to complete any particular assignment you are going to work on. If you review notes before every study session, you will remember the important subject matter learned during day and also make sure you are doing a targeted study.

6. Non-distracted study:

In our student life, everything seems to be distracting from TV to even pets. Even silence seems too attractive while studying. If during study session you are unable to focus or you flow away with your thoughts, you waste a good opportunity to study. For effective study, try to find a place where you cannot be distracted or disturbed. Not too much silence and not much noisy place is the best place to study. It is one of the most opted habits of successful college student

7. Group study:

Some may think of me as a fool but believe me it works. If you are familiar with the saying “two heads are better than one” you have an exact idea of what am I going to say. Studying in form of group enables us to clear our concept regarding any subject. It also helps in completion of assignment quickly. Not just that you will be able to teach other fellows what they don’t know. This point completes the study habits definition by all means.


Study habits of student always depend on their level of devotion. These 7 habits of successful students are like a practical guide for everyone who wants to achieve excellence in the field of studies. Studying is not only for nerds in fact anyone who follow these habits can get very good in studies.

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