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7 Social Media Sins You Shouldn’t Commit if You Want Your Ex Back

You still have feelings for that special someone. You still clutch that pillow and dampen it with your tears every night because you want your ex back. You just cannot recover from the hangover that your ex left you. If you still have feelings for your ex, then you cannot resist finding ways to make your ex come back.

You might find an issue with almost everything and start sharing your feelings. We know that the phase of your breakup was complicated. And if you discuss your feelings and daily struggles with others, certainly you can recover from that gloomy state.

But confiding your deepest feelings about your ex to a few close people over a cup of coffee or wine is different from sharing the same feeling with 400 of your mutual friends. Yes, I am talking about your endless rants on social networks.

Post breakup, we often take to social media to express our deepest concern and the daily struggles through silly blurbs. But we do not know the maladies of social media.

Even after an amicable split, emotions do run high. Amidst it all, if you are trying to get back together, then a single post on social media might stir up some unnecessary drama. So you must be prudent about what you share on social media post breakup.

If you want your ex back, you don’t need more drama, do you? After breakup, you must keep things to yourself and between close friends rather than taking them to the social media. Those too-tempting social media blunders can cause you to lose control of your emotions.

So if you want your ex back, and do not want to make a mess of your relationship, stop committing these social media mistakes.

Mistake #1: Bashing Your Ex on Social Media

Avoid bashing your ex

You may not have had an amicable split, or you may simply want to bash on your ex post breakup. So you decide to express yourself through social channels. You find that it is the best place to bash your ex.

Facebook is a tempting place in such cases to have a good old rant. But you must avoid it at all costs, especially if you both were social media freaks and kept on sharing your cupid love story. It was a place where you often took pride in your love. It has been a great support system, but that doesn’t mean that you should use the same channel to tear down your ex.

Lashing out, and sharing sensitive information on social media can mess things up things for you and for your family and close friends. At the same time, if your ex was trying to get back together, he or she might give up forever after seeing your posts.

And if you have a kid out of this relationship, and if he or she reads your online jabs, what mental impact will it have on the child? Do you really want to hurt anyone in the family?

What can you do other than bashing your ex on social media?

If you want to get back with your ex, start with awareness and empathy. This will help to make the right decisions. Some other suggestions:

  • Write a diary and take out all your grievances on paper instead
  • Write to a close friend about what you feel about your ex since they left
  • Write some poetry, and take out all your frustrations
  • Keep everything offline, and you won’t end up regretting anything

Mistake #2: Spying on Your Ex on Social Media

Are you James Bond, or do you work with the FBI? No? Then what’s with all the spying and lurking on social media?

We know breakups become more difficult when the other person leaves a trail of themselves all over the internet. There’s hardly anyone who hasn’t fallen down the Facebook-snooping rabbit hole. Even I do.

Yes, it’s hard to ignore your ex on social media channels. It’s somewhat like dipping your finger into boiling water. It is going to hurt like hell. But for the sake of your well-being, stop being a sniffer dog.

Don’t scroll through your ex’s Instagram or research every new friend they make on Facebook. If you have a password to his or her account do not use it.

What can you do other than spying on your ex on social media?

Do you want to see your ex having a great time at the pub? Do you want to see their arm tightly wrapped around a stranger’s waist? It’s bound to hurt. But when a relationship ends, a space opens up in your life, and eventually you need to fill it up with other things.

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