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7 Super Hero Quotes to Get You Fired Up

Guess what, my friends? Monday is upon us again. Whether you’ve had an action-packed weekend or a relaxing wind down, the start of the work week is rarely a joy-inducing moment. And, although it might feel like it, you’re not the only one: your colleagues are just as unlikely to be jumping with glee as Monday beckons.

Before you dive in to your day and get consumed by meetings and to-do lists, grab a coffee and get revved up with a two-minute dose of inspiration from your favorite superheroes. Spread the feel-good vibes by sharing these with your teammates to give them a Monday morning power boost! Reading these won’t solve all of life’s problems, but it’s a fun way for everyone to kick-start the week together.

1. “You are much stronger than you think you are. Trust me.” Superman

Up there with “Whatever doesn’t break you makes you stronger,” this quote is for all the self-doubters out there. Believe in yourself and you can navigate the bumps in the road and accomplish what you set out to achieve. Follow this mantra as a team and you’ll be a force majeure to be reckoned with.

2. “Life doesn’t give us purpose. We give life purpose.” The Flash

Only you have control over your destiny, at work and in your personal life. Take the here and now for example — Monday mornings are only going to get brighter if you make them brighter. Take a page out of The Flash’s book and approach every task with purpose and zeal. The exciting part? You get to decide the purpose of everything you do. It doesn’t matter if you’re working on an individual or team project, you can ease the more mundane tasks by setting achievable goals to work towards.

3. “In a world of ordinary mortals, you are a wonder woman.” Queen Hippolyta (Wonder Woman’s mom)

As a woman in the workplace, I couldn’t resist a little Monday motivation from one of the most powerful female role models. Shake off the wistful remnants of weekend merriment, power start your week, and make your Monday out of the ordinary. Check out some more quotes from inspiring women in my recent post: International Women’s Day: 10 Quotes from Inspirational Women about the Power of Teamwork.

4. “I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” Superman

It’s our friend Clark Kent again, helping to bring out the Superman in all of us. We are all heroes in the making: we just need to channel our inner positivity and can-do attitude. Life is what we make it, and that goes for our professional as well as our personal lives. Don’t let the day of the week get to you, seize every moment as an opportunity to be the best you can be.

5. “If there is nothing but what we make in this world, brothers…let us make it good.” Beta Ray Bill

Many of us spend the majority of our waking hours at work. Making it a good experience can only provide a stronger sense of well-being. By taking pride in everything you do, you will pave the way for a more positive work environment, not only for yourself but for those around you.

6. “When you decide not to be afraid, you can find friends in super unexpected places.” Ms. Marvel

Let today be the day you get out of your comfort zone. Take the time to have a chat with someone you wouldn’t normally do, share your big idea with your manager, or join that work social club or sports team that you’ve been putting off. Whatever it is, what’s the worse that could happen? As Ms. Marvel said, it might even open up a surprising opportunity.

7. “You only have your thoughts and dreams ahead of you. You are someone. You mean something.” Batman

None of us are the same as anyone else, and we all bring different skills and qualities to our role and, indeed, our team. Remember what those attributes are and the goals you’re trying to achieve. Do something today that will set you on your way to reaching your goals and pat yourself on the back when you get it done. What a productive start to the week!

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