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8 Things That Have Become Clear Since Tulsi Gabbard Met With Assad

Or, The Pills I’ve Had To Swallow As A Spiritual Person Wanting to Only Temporarily Engage In Politics

One of the reasons I started giving focused attention to US Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) last year was the criticisms she started receiving right after she endorsed the Bern last year. The criticisms came from her own party, not the GOP. It started simultaneously locally here in Hawaii as well as nationally. I first became aware of it during the presidential caucus when I voted for Bernie at Pahoa Elementary School last spring. Suspicions about Tulsi’s loyalty to the party were evident amidst the excitement of so many Bernie supporters. This was irritating to me, that such discourse was coming from within the local leadership in the Democratic party, even though I hadn’t previously been a huge supporter of Tulsi’s.

A few things have become clear this year now that those criticisms have soared since Gabbard’s meeting with Assad became pubic. As someone who lives with a sense of place, both spiritually and geographically, for me, politics is a critical piece to understanding each other and creating more peace on earth. Here I’ll share eight revelations, or pills I’ve had to swallow, as a “spiritual” person trying to stay engaged on the politics of the world stage:

1. As more and more of my friends drank from the blue kool-aid labeled “Hillary-Drink Me or Else,” I knew less and less of us would be ok moving along on our own. To rise above mass consciousness takes a hell of a lot more energy than to stick with where the masses are taking you. It’s healthy to part ways in a worthwhile effort to seek expanded perspectives of truth and to shift the political paradigm from politics to diplomacy. Swapping “comfort for truth” penetrated my mind during my times of deep contemplation.

2. The party doesn’t want critical thinking and healthy debates, they want their shoe-in war mongering candidates. Yes, that became evident last year during the election. But now, with an elected official already in the party, working toward peace in nonpartisan ways with actual, real bills and not just talk, instead of engaging in discourse and discussion, the Democratic party justifies dropping bombs and throws shade on the one person asking questions. How clearer can the party be? This is war, my friends. I ask my kids where they’re going, who with and a shit ton of more questions when they go out at night than these selected officials ask when we’re spending a million dollars a bomb. It’s easier to keep the machine rolling through distraction and delusional world views than to make the hard decisions we know we must and actually shift. Because people, important forceful and wealthy people, will be outed. And they run the liberal party, up front and behind the scenes.

3. We have to become MORE engaged, not less, to have the peace-full world we want to live in. This was a huge pill for me to swallow. The destination is not “elect the right people so I can get back to my life” — it’s continuous engagement in what’s important to us. It’s exactly like personal and spiritual development. Always exposing, always coming back to a deeper truth, no matter what it is, and a center of stillness despite the shit flying around in our head. It’s about being Empowered vs. Empired (in personal development your mind is the Empire and your heart is the true power).

Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean Sounds Ridiculous Speaking Out Against Gabbard on MSNBC.

4. The Democratic party is massively misdirected, a euphemism for effed up beyond belief. When HOward Dean spoke out against Tulsi in December on Chris Matthews, I was aghast at his comments, saying “people in Hawaii have her tagged as extremely ambitious with flexible principles.” Ummm don’t speak for me, Ho Dean! If the party leadership here feels that, they should say it openly, so we know where they stand. And… Why were flexible principles ok with Hillary? And as someone who ran for POTUS on an anti war platform in 2004, Dean appears to have ambition and flexible principles! He wanted to be the DNC Chair. And he’s Biased!! Now he continues to be the DNC spokesperson to question a combat veteran’s desire to explore the situation in Syria and attempt peaceful means first? WTH?

5. People and Peace must be chosen over party lines. Our anti war Democrats are no longer anti war. Their compassion is thinly disguised. Look at what most democrats are focused on — not stopping war and terrorism- where is the outrage? I see a lot of justification.

6. Nikki Haley is despicable. How a woman from America in her position can speak about bombing and killing without exhibiting even a small sense of remorse and compassion for Life is beyond me. She puts the ass in ambassador. Are we all really ok with this?

US Representative Tulsi Gabbard with me in April 2017 at her Kona Town Hall Meeting. I drove from the other side of the island to thank her for her courage and for championing peace, truth and compassion in US policy making.

7. We don’t need more politicians towing their party’s line. We need diplomacy. If you’re not questioning our policies on how the US affects the rest of the world, and don’t have a realistic vision on how to get there, you don’t get my vote. I will NOT vote for the lesser of two evils who continue to perpetuate our war cultureWar. I will vote for those strong enough to change the system, rather than allowing the system to change them and set the standard on our values and priorities. Fuck. That. Shit.

8. Blessed are the peacemakers. We are going to need a lot more of them, and this is going to be a lot harder than we want it to be.

Peace out, my loves. Have a beauty-full day.

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