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99 Small Things You Can Do To Greatly Improve Your Life

Here is a list of 99 small and simple things you can do today to improve the quality of your life. Some of it (probably a lot of it) seems obvious, and that is because it is. Sometimes we need to hear/read things over again to remind us of what we should be doing. The hope is that you can take some of these items and apply them to your life today and be happier.

  1. Write more (morning journal — thought dump or weekly blog)

2. Read more books

3. Track your progress

4. Drink more water

5. Consume less sugar (no seriously you’re addicted!)

6. Cut back on caffeine (this one is directed toward me..)

7. Exercise more

8. Avoid screens for the first 60 minutes in the morning and 60 minutes before bed (checkout apps like flux to remove blue light late at night)

9. Before bed focus on goals and reflect on the day — what you accomplished

10. Make more lists/use more post notes (write down what I want to accomplish for the day)

11. Spend more time with your family/friends

12. Show appreciation for your loved ones

13. Spend less time on internet (unless working)

14. Engage in more conversations with stranger

15. Gravitate towards like-minded individuals

16. Cook a meal for someone else

17. Don’t be afraid to laugh or cry

18. Goal setting (weekly, monthly, quarterly)

19. Travel more (plan more small trips — state parks, neighboring big cities, etc.)

20. Go outside

21. Celebrate your successes

22. Learn from your failures (figure out where/how you went wrong and what you can do to improve)

23. Smile more

24. Acquire a new skill (cooking, martial arts, photography, creative writing, dancing, etc.)

25. Cut off poisonous relationships

26. Spend less time on your phone (put it away during certain hours of the day)

27. Try new foods

28. Take cold showers (sounds strange but this gives you an energy boost!)

29. Text less and talk more on the phone (more personal)

30. Stay away from emails/phone/social media first thing in the morning

31. Embrace silences and time alone

32. Meditate

33. Try to listen more (Work on active listening)

34. Write down what you are grateful for either first thing in the morning or right before bed

35. Start a side hustle

36. Learn a second language

37. Spontaneous acts of kindness

38. Stretch more

39. Get outside your comfort zone more often

40. Break a bad habit (I need to stop biting my nails!)

41. Put 100% of your focus on the task at hand (multitasking actually hurts your output)

42. Break larger goals down into simple manageable tasks

43. Listen to more music — explore different genres

44. Learn to say no to things you really don’t want to do (This slightly contradicts #36) If it’s not a fuck yes, it’s a fuck no!

45. Treat yourself (every now and do something nice for yourself)

46. Get to know your neighbors

47. Host gatherings (dinner parties, get togethers or holiday events)

48. Find a mentor (doesn’t necessarily have to be a career based mentor, it could be just someone you greatly respect and admire)

49. Try out a martial art or meditative activity/exercise (yoga, jiu-jitsu)

50. Do an honest assessment/evaluation yourself (there is always room to improve)

51. Be on time

52. Don’t be afraid to love or let go

53. Do difficult things (facing adversity is how we grow)

54. Be open minded to other opinions/viewpoints

55. Be more empathetic (put yourself into someone else’s shoes)

56. Volunteer more

57. Don’t be afraid to make decisions or lead

58. Learn when to shut up and listen

59. Evaluate your situation often and honestly

60. Learn to appreciate the moment (slow down!)

61. Apologize/admit when you are wrong

62. Don’t be afraid to say “you don’t know”

63. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice

64. Sell/get rid of stuff you don’t use (downsize)

65. Keep your living space clean/organized (cluttered space = cluttered mind)

66. Drink less alcohol (but have fun when the occasion is right!)

67. Wake up earlier and get going!

68. Go to bed earlier

69. If possible pay off debt as quickly as you can (this eliminates so much stress in your life)

70. Go to a spa or get a massage

71. Take more little breaks throughout the day

72. Don’t allow people to talk down on you. Stand up for yourself! (This includes friends, coworkers, employer, really anyone)

73. Don’t sweat the small stuff (don’t let little things ruin a relationship or friendship)

74. Learn to forgive and forget

75. Always be learning

76. Never allow yourself to become complacent

77. Believe in yourself always (shutout self-doubt)

78. Collaborate on something

79. Listen to more audiobooks/podcasts (this is great for when you in the car)

80. Attend a conference or meetup in an area you find interesting

81. Trust your instincts (don’t be afraid to listen to your gut feeling)

82. Allow yourself to relax after you accomplish a large goal

83. Counter intuitive to #82 but use the momentum of your accomplishments to keep pushing forward

84. Make your bed first thing in the morning

85. Carry a notebook with you to jot down thoughts/ideas throughout your day

86. Try and save more

87. Don’t be afraid to outsource — focus on what you do well and pass of what you don’t

88. Build something with your hands

89. Go for a walk

90. Be more thankful for what you have

91. Spend more time in nature

92. Take an online or college course in an area of interest

93. Be consistent — create a routine (workout regimen, weekly blog, daily journal, etc.)

94. Spend more time near water (something about lakes, streams, the ocean or bodies of water I find meditative)

95. Take responsibility for your actions! (Don’t blame your failures/shortcomings on extraneous variables)

96. Take a chance at something new (don’t be afraid of career change — or any change that is)

97. Know that your situation can always change (You have to be proactive though, nothing comes easy)

98. Don’t dwell on the past (you can’t change the past — instead focus on the future and how you can avoid making the same mistake twice.)

99. Think about the things that make you most happy and do more of that

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