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Application of Total Quality Management in our daily life


Before Studying the Five S Principle, my room was messy and the things were out of order, I put them in order but again after few days the room was messy, the cloths are not hanging proper in wardrobe, and the books were not place proper in the shelf which result in the extra effort require to do any task.

After Studying Five S Principle, I have started thinking where I can apply this in my life,

Habits, definitely

Time Management, For Sure

This is the beauty of the 5S system. Once you understand the principles, you can utilize them in countless ways.


The key to this step is eliminating all unnecessary parts of a process, whether this be wasted time, wasted money, outdated habits, and much more.

The things which I do not need anymore should be thrown out in the first move because they occupy space, the largest elements to reduce or eliminate were stupid television shows, internet games, and poor financial management.

My method of sorting involved recognizing those activities which did not add value to my life.

Set in Order

“A place for everything and everything in its place.”

This 5S implementation was my opportunity to replace some bad habits with better ones.

For example, I committed to saving money by eating at home more frequently instead of eating out.

I decided to place everything in my room to its proper place, All the books are now in the correct order in the shelf and all the cloths were hanging perfectly in the wardrobe, After doing this my efforts were reduced and the time too.


The key to this step is keeping things tidy and organized

My personal life need a massive dose of shine, it’s a continuous process you have to clean your room on regular basis otherwise it was dusty and become tidy, my car had been a dumping place for coffee mugs, receipts, papers, trash, clothing, and boxes.


Standardization means turning my goals into reality, and ensuring that these practices become my habits. I found that giving myself small rewards for accomplishing major milestones works as great incentive. It is also incredibly satisfying to notice the results of this process along the way and gives me further motivation.


Sustain means have a strong grip on all the four processes, it’s time to ensure the changes I have made will be permanent and it is an ongoing project.

I have established goals and have also develop a weekly check list.

2. Concept of lean (Elimination of Waste)

“the relentless pursuit of creating value by strategically eliminating waste.”

My routine was disturb, I am not able to manage time properly in the things which are important for me, The concept of lean works tremendously in my daily life, I was wasting much of my time in surfing Facebook and on the things which are not important for me. So I started thinking how can I manage my time efficiently, how can I save money, the concept of lean helps me to focus on the things and how to improve them, I schedule my daily life routine, and sleep early at night, and give time to the things which are more important for me.

3. Ishikawa Fishbone Diagram

In the Past whenever a problem occur, without even knowing the real cause of the problem directly come to the conclusion, Ishikawa diagram will help me drill down to root causes of defects and identify possible failure modes.

· This tool helps me to look on the real cause of the problems, so I wouldn’t missing on the things. For example I was late to attend class, I am late because my alarm clock doesn’t work, I am late because of the traffic jam, I am late because I never have enough petrol in my car or my tire was punctured. These all are the causes why I am late to class.

By looking all the causes I am able to prepare myself according to the situation.

4. Poka-Yoke (Mistake Proofing System)

Poka-Yoke prevents avoidable mistake from occurring, his applies to any environment, be it in manufacturing, hospitals or even in the home.

Previously, I am looking on the things in my home to make them mistake proofing, broken switches were replaced to avoid danger, and I have lost my phone data in the past, after studying Poka-Yoke, I have sync my phone data to avoid lost of the data, I always put on seat belt when I am driving a car.

5. Fact Based Decision Making

“Fact-based decision making facilitates change and transformation by introducing objectivity, consensus, and decision confidence.”

In real life, most decision making takes place in the absence of complete information, But there is another, better way. We call it fact-based decision-making.

Previously I was not good in decision making process, always take opinion from others what to do, and my life decisions look like not taken by me.

After Studying TQM, I am able to design decision making process and it enable me to take my life decisions, As while choosing which course would be benefit me more in the future, I have to decide between two of the courses, I finally decide to take TQM on the basis of logical information and guidance from my seniors.

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