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Authenticity and Honesty Always Win

Once we have made the choice to pursue our passion we develop a mindset that feels everyone should support us. We become so excited for this journey that we feel everyone should be enticed with what we are doing, however, the reality is no one needs to understand your passion. All that matters is you remain tenacious and motivated to pursue your passion.

Due to the mentality of wanting everyone to support you, so many choose to become someone they are not as a means to “earn” support. This is a natural decision to want to make as you feel a need to conform, and this is the mistake many make regardless of age. The pressure to entice everyone is too much for some to handle, and what tends to happen is they disrespect those who chose to support them. Why did these few choose to support you? Authenticity and honesty. You garnered their support for being authentic and honest, people are attracted to what is real, and the moment they realize someone is fake they turn and walk away.

How can you expect anyone to support when they now realize the person is fake and dishonest? It is the same when someone becomes a duplicate of someone else, people can spot a duplicate easily, and when they do, they will also turn their back on you. The reality is as soon as you become someone else who is not organic you disrespect those who value you being you. It is YOU they began supporting, it is YOU who they chose to follow. Therefore, it is on YOU to never waste or take someone’s support for granted. Authenticity and honesty is how you garnered their support, and it will take remaining to be authentic and honest to keep their support.

That is the thing with support, you can lose it as fast as you garnered it. When you are fake with someone with the intent to garner their support, it will always catch up with you in the long run. It is crucial to remain congruent from beginning to end. It is best not to become a chameleon who changes with whom they are around. Remain authentic and honest.

Duplicates and fake people are so common these days, that when someone who is real, genuine, and honest comes along people gravitate to this person. People are fed up with duplicates and fakes, and you NEED to be the alternative option, and this is how you will garner AND maintain their support. We are in a society that has mobile apps that assist people with becoming someone they are not, our society loves to mentally condition people to become a duplicate. “Fake it until you make it” is one of the most common pieces of advice people are given daily. Do you actually see how society is pushing fake as a relevant option? It is saddening. At the same time we have parts of society telling you to be unique, and that is the problem.

To be unique these days means to be authentic and honest. Lies, duplicates, and deception are so common these days that being unique means to be opposite, to be unique means to be a good person. Once again, authenticity and honesty always wins. You want support? You want to keep the support? You want to add value? You want to be respected? Then, you need to be authentic and honest with people.

Whatever it is you set out to do it needs to be authentic and honest, there is no excuse. To intentionally lie to someone in order to garner their support is a serious mistake, you may have their support short-term, however, I promise you long-term it will prove to be a terrible decision. Authenticity and honesty always wins.

This all begins with respecting yourself, those who feel they need to deceive and lie to others often have self-esteem and confidence issues, and they feel they need to appeal to everyone. This mentality allows them to feel becoming a chameleon is the best choice, and they fail to realize how this sabotages them tremendously. As I mentioned above, it is natural to feel you should conform, however, it is also a means to continue to fail. The key is to be who you are at all times, and not only when it is convenient. You need to respect your worth more, and I know that is easier said than done for many people.

As soon as you begin to respect yourself, and as soon as you are focused on how valuable you are, the process of being authentic will become more natural than conformity. It all begins with you, how much you conform represents how much self-esteem and confidence you have. You will notice so many do not conform, and if you ask them why, they will often state its due to self-respect. In order to be and remain authentic and honest, you need to respect yourself.

It begins today, and it begins with your internal vocabulary. Instead of using negative terms and words towards yourself, begin using positive terms and words. “I can’t” becomes “I will”. You deserve to be who you are, and it is truly your right to be who you are, therefore, set the tone for the respect you deserve. Show the world who you are, show the world how much you value yourself, and be proud to be authentic and honest.

Dave Matthew Boddy

Founder and Youth Mentor.

“Boddyguards United, where the YOUTHS are the HEROES!”

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