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Building the New Earth as you Release Mental + Social Confines

Greetings dear ones, abundance is near. Abundance is in the forests. Abundance is in the trees. Abundance is in the sky. Abundance is in the earth. Abundance is when you dance. Abundance is when you play, when you sing, when you are in joy (ENJOY) and embracing your core root energy that is connected to the One Source energy and to your Divinity, to your heart and to your soul. THAT is abundance, THAT is what you are seeking, THAT is what you are searching for. You cannot fully ascend on your ascension trip to 5D (in the capacity that you in your human existence is capable of) until you REAL IZE (REAL EYES) that.

Abundance is your birth right dear child. Sacred grounds you must walk on to envelope the times that you have been on this earth before encompassing this birth right. Many of you are VERY old wise ones and aren’t able to tap into that infinite wisdom of yours until you move forward into the ABUN-DANCE so you can remember and be tuned into that vibrational frequency at this time. Tell them (speaking to me) that we are near, tell them that we are everywhere at this time. Tell them to tune into their hearts more and more on a daily basis. Forget what is being destroyed in your outerworlds (speaking on not just your own personal lives but the wars and destruction in the Middle East, the breakdowns of the forests, the savaging of lives for political gains, etc.). Do NOT tune into the news (it’s funny, I accidentally typed that as ‘noose’ at first!) or what is going on around the world, these things are happening for a reason!

The more you tune into them, the more you embody the vibrational frequency of fear, lack, scarcity, being scared, you perpetuate more and more of the same cycle. Even though the walls are crumbling down, even though the veil is thinning, even though the inevitable is the inevitable, you still play a role in the human perception on how fast this can happen, how painless, how joyful and how abundantly you can move forward from this. How and why? We are all ONE dear ones, remember that. We are all one of the same vibrational frequency, so do your part tuning that frequency UPWARDS into the light.

You play a part in the destruction of earth, believe it or not, by destroying your old self. By refusing to create from any other space other than lack. By refusing to tune into your sacred grounds, your sacred wounds, your sacral chakra (sexual and creation centers), your sacred and sexual self, your abundant self, to your heart center, to your inner playgrounds, to your gardens of eden, to your elementals, to your faeiries, to your angels, to freeing and resurrecting your soul and allowing it to be reborn. By resisting this you are holding on to, well, you are making it more difficult for earth to ascend by making it more difficult for yourself to ascend. That in turn creates more destruction, more pain for humanity, more inhumane experiences as you would call them and prolongs the heaven coming to earth as what many of you would call it.

Breathe into your souls and spirits now dear ones because we are calling your names, we are bringing you to the light, but you are having a hard time getting there because you will not let go of the old world. The old world is not real any longer! It is a perception of TIME. Time that is crumbling down and dissipating from your experiences. You will not let go of the old perceptions, you will not let go of the old fears, new new new new new new new new is calling your name! New is breathing fresh air into your life, but you do not realize it by refusing to destroy what is old and what is stagnant in your life. LET IT GO NOW — NOW IS THE TIME. NOW is the time to let the Arcturians come through you, now is the time to let the Plaeidians come through you, now is the time to create from the never ending, endless, creative, playful, colorful utopian experience that lives deep within your souls. FEEL INTO THAT NOW DEAR ONES! Now is the time to create from that and not expect anything in particular in return.

You see, your manifesting practice, what you want and desire to show up in your physical material 3D experience has nothing to do with what you would call ‘doing’, with what you choose ‘to do’ with the action you take. There is no linear a and b connection! REALIZE THAT, GET OVER THAT, IT IS NOT REAL. You live in a hologram. The lines you draw and connect to stories and people and places are not real. You are holding on to a false sense of reality. You are holding on to an experience, an experience of lack, an experience YOU created. YOU must destroy it and create something new. Do you understand?

Your mind wants to make a connection between the two because that is the social conditioning. That is the ‘law of attraction’ in you. These ways do not work anymore for those of you who are listening/reading. For those it does ‘work’ or it is perceived to work, it will not any longer and it doesn’t matter because they are not you, they are not rising like you dear one, they are not ascending like you dear one, they have fallen into lack of truth, you have not, so do not perceive yourselves through them. You may observe them in an unrelated, unattached curious type fashion, but put your mind at ease, put your mind at heart, put your mind on something else. Your mind does need focus, your mind does need a central viewpoint of perspective, that is how the mind works, you were given these minds for a reason and now it is time to utilize them to their fullest potential. That means YOU utilizing your mind, not your mind utilizing you dear ones. (Me) I know many of you know how the mind works, I know many of you know what I am speaking and what I am allowing to come through me, but you are not utilizing it. That is where your action comes in. That is the doing piece that you ‘should’ focus on. Going back to the non existence of linear connection between doing and manifesting, some would argue with me on the validity of that statement, but WE will explain to you why this is true. (Arcturians) This is true because everything is energy you must start thinking like this dear ones. Think like this, feel like this, believe like this, stop taking in whatever you see with your physical 3D vision as truth- it is just a dimension. If you want to ascend and rise to the other dimensions, if you want your lives to change, if you want your soul work to rise, if you want to make this process less ‘difficult’ for you, if you want to ‘manifest what you want’, you must start perceiving in a different manner. Everything is energy. The expression of your energy is what attracts the vibration of what you truly desire to bring into your life. (Jennifer + Collective) If I express more and more of my heart, my creative soul nature, freely, joyfully, unattached to expectations, and the things that I want I want because they hold that same vibration for me (which many of you don’t actually want what you think and focus on wanting), then they will find each other the more I reach out and expand the more that other vibration is reaching out and expanding as well and they have already met on multiple dimensions. Think of it as working from the top down, you’re living, your physical body is on that 3D dimension and that is where you are desiring things to manifest in and show up as you would say, well, they’ve already met and manifested and collided and experienced and expanded as one on the 6th, 7th, 13th, 23rd dimension and they are working their way downwards. It is your job to hold that vibration, expression and expansion on this physical realm so that what has already connected on the other dimension has a place to fall when it continues its decent onto this dimension. This is NOT the exact… exact way to explain this or the scientific reasoning behind this, this is Jennifer’s way of explaining what we have guided her to inform you with so that you will understand it and have a new perspective to deepen this understanding in. So take it as that. FEEL the truth.

Your expansion is the ‘doing’, it has nothing to do with what you actually do on the physical plane. What you do on the physical plane matters because of the intention, drive, emotion and energy behind it and the vibration in it. That is all that matters. It does not matter the meaning you or others have placed on it or the ‘occurrences of the past’ others have had with it… Jennifer is being too vague…. for example, many of you think ‘I go to work and I get paid, I start a business and I make money, I exercise and I lose weight, (a to b)’, although these are a+b=c equations that are ingrained into our evolutionary minds, you must perceive and think and look beyond the a+b=c surface… what’s behind the a+b=c surface… the energy of A that someone put in and expressed, plus the energy of B at that time, the perfect divine timing, with this planets energy and evolution, equated to C. The more you hold onto what you have been taught and perceived as real and refuse to listen to internally what is real, the more you perpetuate the cycle of lack, the more you play your role in Gaia ascending at a slower rate.

Quit resisting your truth! You must not resist abundance any longer! Now is the time to rise up. If you are going to ‘do any work’ it will be your spiritual work of helping your mind ascend with your emotional and ethereal body. This is why people plateau with weight loss. It is not the DOING. Yes there is science involved, yes there is research, yes there is physical manifestation involved, but 99% of it is in the mind and therefore the ENERGY of the body. So if I hit a plateau with my weight loss goal, this is Jennifer’s example, and there is a ‘trouble spot’ on my body I’m not seeing physical results in, I’m not seeing the physical manifestation of the hard work I am putting in with my workouts and my eating regimen and my exercise and the taking care of my body through healthy eating and exercise…. Emotion. Energy in motion, there is trapped energy in that spot with emotion behind it so it doesn’t matter the motion that you put into ‘working out that muscle’ or area, what matters is mentally releasing the trapped emotion so energy can be freed up to BE IN motion again where you can transmute it into looking and feeling as you want or being a bigger piece of muscle you want.

What traps you with this is the unwillingness to go to the trapped emotion and the unwillingness to stick to a pure intention. Many of you yo yo or plateau because you start with good intentions and then they drop down to really low level 3d almost 2d intentions… this is where visualization comes in, manifestation comes in, connecting to your guides comes in… we will tell you what the trapped emotion is if you do not know. We know it is ‘hard’ for many of you to FEEL into certain areas of your body because you are not used to FEELING this way in your body. IN your body not OF your body. There is too much ego involved in the health and fitness industry and too much ego involved in your body. We are seeing this breakdown in the many ‘higher up’ industries that we do not understand why you see as ‘higher up’ or idolize, but you need to start doing this to yourself as well. This is all interrelated and connected to what you want to do, manifest, feel, perceive, be, how you want to ascend into this physical reality and with Gaia’s ascent. That is the essence of hologram thinking because we are in a hologram and that is the only way we can explain it to you at this time for those of you who are listening.

Blessings Dear Ones.

– Channeled Messages with the Arcturian Council of Light

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