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“Culture xyC.”

“In 2012, Nathan Witthoft, then a Ph.D. student in psychology at MIT, put group of synesthetes through a series of color-matching tests. During the course of the study, he noticed something odd. “For this one person, every sixth letter was the same color,” he said. “When I asked them why, they said they had learned it from this toy” — specifically, from the plastic letters included in Fisher-Price’s School Days Desk playset.” ~ 2016, National Geographic

Culture xyC

Type, Graphics & Information {Infographics} are no longer SLanguage & we all couldn’t be more responsive. A seismic shift in consciousness/notion of freedom, if not absolute liberation from suppression or confounded thinking during the 60s which is synonymous to : no different from digital autonomy & literal connotation encompassing disciplines at the outset of 2K. Revolution versus Phenomenon since IT has not been unanimously discerned given the complexity in dynamics {topology} within their respective environments, and for which either passively or aggressively influence homogeneous disciplines. Infographics {for language} and their sense of utility across audience virtually encompass most disciplines, homogeneity aside, which undermine discerned constant variables wherein they essentially figure; like vaguely comparing printed materials — for impetus — against each other for all their y’s = a vast unknown WHY while x’s = topological consciousness proffered for thought across Generation C, which is a savvy audience able to transcend measurable variables within not so topological realm.

Impetus which could be a word, phrase, color, sound, taste, smell, et al., either parsed or acquiesced with our topological consciousness from wherever sans viable utility for whatever or whichever they essentially figure and certainly, NOT within overwhelmingly dynamic landscapes.

I will or virtually anybody will, for instance personally resonate with a synesthetic metaphor manufactured from a different time and space — supposing such is trending within the digital landscape via search engine then fed into my social-media platform of choice for consumption : utility — yet do not entirely figure from where I currently sit, like Helvetica Light a word for contemporary phrase, density or flow for movement compounding vantage point across *variable disciplines or simply, Typeface compounding an idea: percept of whichever from somewhere at some time that’ll conscientiously influence how I operate. In a sense, resonance relative to impetus is neither potent nor plateau from a perceptual condition{ing} standpoint but a phenomenon of the autobiographical makeup to master : muster “identify” from dormancy with its qualifying variables.

But how to identify {with} green lines of ambiguity if not thought entirely confounded by blue from where it essentially figure? A prolific personae, an iconography, or dash of ‘ings’ for which nobody can associate to a single percept from one point of an open-source conversation today — a resounding synesthetic metaphor from several years back, a decade, a genre? “For more than a century scientists have been asking how synesthetes’ brains make connections between colors and letters. Now, it turns out that question could have implications for everyone — how we learn and how we remember,” Maggie Koerth-Baker expressed a year ago in her National Geographic piece and that with any article virtually available for everyone to access across internet of things came with its forum section under resolute suspension.

“I am a man, a woman, the youth, the student, the existentialist at the cusp of omnipotence; raging against monolithic communism of thought, freedom {in} formation and information toward free frame of reference from segmentation”, a resounding synesthetic metaphor for Call of Arms in 1968 to change the world one life — in graffiti — at a point or collectively from where it quintessentially figure ushered a consciousness through Graffiti — viscerally expressed in Bold Graffiti that with improbable stroll down memory lane of Downtown Oakland, California will have facilitated insight of a people for archetype and language often regarded for mere art works than legacy of consequent transcendence relative to ethos. Accounts NOT Recounts of some seemingly inconsequential things with some anarchic, parochial reference such as ‘NO’, ‘STOP’, ‘LIVE’, ‘RISE’, ‘LOVE’, or ‘GIVE’ yet without strokes short of affect toward free frame of reference among three hundred sixty-one thousand and five hundred sixty one people that I reckon for “The Town’s” A’s: ALPHAS of conscious resolve pertaining enrichment of an autobiographical makeup wherein how and why “some thing” figure, and for which consequently augments receptivity of synesthetes supposing plausibility of one having thriven among clad of ideasthetes. Cognition is a subjective experience; an idiosyncratic phenomenon of accumulating sense under disarray in an age when multi-sensory experiences come unsparingly so there isn’t anything so enigmatic about perceiving distinctive value from profusion of cartography coined with random numbers, recurrent initials, or alphanumeric sequences intermingled with Technicolor Images — drawn out from memory holding regions of a synesthetic brain — in the same light that the word “GIVE” inscribed up the wall under do-good pretext will have been understood for “61 > 3” or sixty-one is GREATER THAN three but of what entirely is a synesthete’s vantage point over popular resolve; which may have inferred if not conclusively deduced for three thousand kinds of spoiled milk confectionery (tres letches) served against sixty-one million under the heat of 2013 — resonant of some prong fest from twenty or forty years ago — that altogether makes one vast spoiling nevertheless {I’m never adept with food but aesthetic synonymous for taste is some thing I follow — coalesced to a topology awaiting impetus}.

EXoxigency. “A complex unknown unable to traverse funneling of a conscious mind is a multi-sensory bomb to percept.”

{Exigency} NO, STOP, RISE, LOVE, or GIVE of what instated impetus for “LIKE” contingent to a person’s entirety and his prejudice a resolute suspension synonymous to any stimuli vis-a-vis cause & effect. To control prejudice is absolute power, not education. Education is dynamics itself for utility, like education to govern prejudice for some unidentified utility. To supply cue corrupting prejudice that is inherent among us all as conscious peoples is power at work, and percept confounded by corrupted cue be it formative, disruptive, or destructive {for which coincidentally is linear thought as percept} is absolute control over topology of What pertinent to Why and How, or anything under synonymous sequence from where IT essentially figure. ~ //7 1 of 8 Segments.

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