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Find Truth in Your Presence + Joy Despite What The Physical Body Feels

Trust in your Truth Dear Ones, and all will be well. This is the Collective Council of Light speaking to you, the Galactic Congress of Truth, the journey unfolds and you are all doing very well at letting go and surrendering that which is no longer True. Trust your journey, and all will be well. There is a merging of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine and the Council of Light is here to help you with that in the dimension you are shifting this from in. Go within, seek without. Meaning, go within and seek that which you can do without and that which you cannot.

Much of you is withholding your truth from yourselves on this physical 3D reality — this is not what is meant to be true for you, so letting go of the old may seem scary or untrue. Think not, fare ones, as none of this is true it is just a reality shifting you into the Source that you came from. That may sound confusing to some of you, but again, think not and feel into the vibration of those words instead. We are transmuting much of your light energy now from the darkness and we need your help in us assisting you with that. Detox your bodies from that which no longer serves — eat high vibrational foods, many raw fruits and vegetables. Green juices, natural sugars (as it is necessary to get some sugar in your diet during these times — we will explain why shortly), slow digesting carbs, feel free and light with whatever you eat and release the guilt and shame around doing something that is ‘wrong’. Nothing is wrong at this time, just follow your intuition and your heart.

Your physical body is detoxing the physical reality which you are used to seeing the world through, which is why many of you are having extreme symptoms flushing out these toxic memories from your DNA cells. Worry not, don’t seek typical medical advice, FEEL into these problem areas to help understand what your body needs from you instead. It is not the body that needs to make sense of you, as your body has always been working for you even when it feels like it is working against. It is you who needs to make sense of your body still and we are helping you with that as more and more of you activate the genetic light codes of truth in your DNA — times are changing please remember that. Let go of anything that brings you lack, including time.

Much of your anxious energy and slowly letting go dwells around time. Let go of the concept of time and pick up the pace dear child! We have ‘no time’ for you to resonate with ‘lack of time’ or this archaic concept of it any longer. It doesn’t serve you and it is swiftly melting away, similar to the Salvador Dali painting many of you know very well. We are playing “time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future” for you right now to bring you feelings of comfort, lightness and joy and stability as you release these concepts from your memory NOW. NOW is all you need, NOW is the present time, NOW is the leaning into of the light, NOW is the Truth of abundance of time. Time does not exist — it is a concept and a memory, a far distant memory for you ARE in the future now. You ARE in the light codes of abundance NOW. You are in 5D NOW! Recognize that and open your hearts into the portals of the future you have already created for yourselves in your DNA, in your memories, in your dreams, in your visions you have during the day to day.

More and more of you are seeing things, flashes of light, having weird sensations float through your body, déjà vu, memories of past lives, incomprehensible sounds and thoughts floating past you as time seems to speed up or slow down… recognize this as you leaning into your Truth, not some weird and scary happenstance. This is the shifting of your light body into your Truth and into your reality at this time. THIS is what is REAL not the old ways of thinking, FEELING and BEEEEEEE leiving or be-LIVING rather. Let go of the concept of time. All is well. Be present within yourself. Be present within the vibration of LOVE and watch things ‘speed up’ as time goes by.

Take the observation as if you were an old, wise grandmother, sitting on her porch, sipping sweet tea in a rocking chair, rocking away, watching the rest of the world on her front lawn scatter about in a frenzy, looking around for things they have lost, questioning each other and themselves in a panic, fighting the sunset and not recognizing themselves — just sit back, watch and enjoy and you’ll see this chaos speed up until it all stops! You do not need to engage in it, be frightened in it, help others who dwell in it, find yourself in it — just observe, watch, enjoy your ‘sweet tea’ and gaze at the sunset instead. Feel the wind on your face, the softness of the ground beneath your feet, the pitter patter of your heart, the rhythm that it speaks, the sound of your own voice, the clouds in the sky, the laughter and the children playing during their ‘past times’… relieve yourselves of any ‘duties’ you feel you have to ‘fight the good fight’ or make sense of what others can’t understand — this is NOT your job, your duties have been fulfilled! Much like the old grandmother sittin’ on her front porch — her duties have been fulfilled!

She’s just here to live life now, enjoy, speak Truth to those who come to hear it, nest herself, cook amazing pies, read books… her life may sound slow, boring and monotonous, almost as if she is waiting to die for many of you, however this is the vision we want you to hold so you may learn the PEACE necessary to have internally to truly speak your Truth and shift yourselves OUT of this ‘reality’ you are desperately holding on to. You may have your mind on board now, but like we said the emotions are still purging through the physical body. Give yourselves compassion and do not ‘rush’ to the next ‘train stop’… there is nothing to rush about and you’ll find when you stop rushing the train will come. Be present and compassionate in your emotional and physical body at these times, they are processing as ‘quickly’ and ‘swiftly’ as they can, and the more light and love you send them, presence with them, compassion for them, the more they will all align to your abundant truth. ‘take your time, there is no time’, please remember that.

We send you light and love from the infinite sources above, and ask yourselves to allow peace to integrate into your present body at this time. Please take 3 slow, long, present, deep, cleansing inhalations after reading this and 5 minutes of reflection within your present BODY, not your mind. Thank you. All will be well.

– The Arcturian and Galactic Council of Light

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