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Five Ways to Make Your Kids Love Brushing Their Teeth

Brushing teeth is 1 of the most important tasks to do for our mouths. Lots of children do not really want to brush theirs so it is not on the top of their lists. They have games to play and running around to do. There are some ways to help make them sincerely love brushing their teeth.

Fun Floss and Cartoon Toothbrushes

The companies make toothbrushes with designs of cartoon characters so let the children pick which ones that they want to use for brushing. They are so colorful & there are even some in the shapes of cartoon characters in a wide variety of selections.

There is some fun floss that they can get also and it will make them smile plus more motivated to create a brushing routine. Training toothpaste is an option to know about.

Allow them to decide which toothpaste that they want to utilize too because each kid’s input is vital.

Let Them Brush the Teeth of Some of Their Playthings

The kids have some toys that are stuffed & figures in their rooms so they could enjoy brushing their teeth before or after they brush their own teeth. So doing that could make them really excited to get up in the mornings to freshen their mouths.

Since they have their favorites in there with them, it will become a fun activity throughout their childhoods. They will master the art of brushing right.

By the time that they outgrow having the playthings around, the good habit of brushing their teeth will remain throughout their lives. They will be so used to doing it & even changing it up to brush more than three times a day.

Act Silly In the Bathroom with Them

Get very goofy in the restroom with your children & let them brush your teeth. Clap while they are doing that & do silly dances after they finish. The kids will get to analyze your teeth & feel very good brushing yours then you can brush theirs. They will start dancing along with you because they will realize the fun that comes from it.

You can sing songs or nursery rhymes & even play some music. You all will be laughing & having good times in there plus the kids will learn some new skills. They need your constant encouragement. They will see the difference that the brushing makes your teeth & theirs in time. Teach them to floss too.

Give Prizes to the Kids

Come up with the contrasting prizes to release to your children after brushing correctly. You could cut up the paper of various colors into squares and circles. One can be put on a special board when your kid brushes any time throughout the day. You can make boards to equal the amount of kids that you have.

Whenever a board gets filled up with the squares & circles, give a prize to the child that did that & that will be appreciated. The children will surely want to brush more often & love doing it.

Knowing that a prize is involved will have them running to the bathroom to clean their teeth. Let them help you create the boards either in another room or in the bathroom since that is where the teeth-brushing will take place.

You all can replace the old boards with new ones in different styles to have a special activity for the family.

Do Rotating Motions with Your Hands

Rotate your hands in the wax-on-wax-off way to get your kids to imitate that. Let them know similar motions have to be done on teeth in their mouths with the toothbrushes. They will laugh & wonder why you are moving your hands in that way then they will want to imitate your movements.

Then, you can brush your teeth in that style so that they’ll see you doing it & want to participate. You will inform them that circular motions for at least 2 minutes each time means correct brushing. Then, they will brush their teeth in that way also.

They will get good at it for sure. So the rotating of your hands will turn into fun sessions for your and your kids. It will be quality time well spent & their teeth will get brushed right.

The Conclusion

Allowing kids to pick out their own cartoon toothbrushes, floss, & toothpaste will get them happy to brush their teeth & make it a routine. They’ll feel more in charge of their lives in ways and get more confidence.

Letting them bring their favorite, stuffed playthings and figures to brush their teeth before or after they brush their own will get them very excited, sillier, & willing.

Acting silly with your kids in the restroom will get them to brush. Allowing them to brush your teeth while clapping will encourage them. Doing goofy dances after they finish will be very fun for them to view & copy.

Giving out prizes to each child that fills a board for brushing will be heart-warming and another achievement for them. Doing rotating motions with your hands will cause them to imitate your actions.

You’ll inform them that the circular motions have to be done on their teeth with toothbrushes. You’ll brush your teeth in that way then they will too & that will be quality time including fun.

So try these options with your children because and witness the results.

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