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How Fitness Models and Bodybuilders Peak for a Photoshoot

Is it possible to lose 10lbs in 1 week, while looking bigger, stronger, and leaner?

It is, and bodybuilders and fitness models have been doing it for years in order to peak for a photoshoot or bodybuilding show.

Keep in mind that the method I’m about to show you is for educational purposes only. It’s harmful to your body, as it causes severe dehydration.

This dehydration seemingly makes your look shredded, your skin suctioning to your body, revealing insane muscle definition.

Here’s how it’s done.

Day 1 (6 days out from photoshoot)

The start of your peak week is the easiest. The goal is to start increasing your water and sodium intake while eating very low calories and carbs.


For macros, you will eat bodyweight x 9–10 in calories. For example, if you are 160lbs, you will eat 1440–1600 calories. You will track everything you eat and drink including vegetables. For protein, you will eat a minimum of 1g/lb of bodyweight (so if you’re 160lbs, you will eat a minimum of 160g of protein).

Spread these macros out over 4–5 meals. For food choices, your protein should come from meat, fish, poultry, and eggs. Your fats will come from coconut oil, olive oil, nuts, seeds, and avocados. Your carbs will come from green and white veggies such as leafy greens, broccoli cauliflower, asparagus, zucchini, celery green beans, cucumber, etc. On top of this, you will add slightly more salt than usual to all your food.

For example, if you are 160lbs and eat 4 meals per day, one of your meals could be the following:

· 1 Cup of spinach

· 20g of cheddar cheese

· 1 egg

· 1 Cup of egg whites (scramble with egg and spinach and fry in 1 tsp of butter)

· 2 slices of bacon

· Pinch of salt

398 Calories, 44g of protein, 22g of fat, 3g of carbohydrates

Water Intake

Since we want to dehydrate the body for the photoshoot, we will need to overhydrate the body in days following up to the photoshoot. This will get your body used to having too much water in your system and start increasing the amount that you will need to pee.

To start the process, you will drink 4L of water over the entire course of the day. The easiest thing to do is carry around a 1L water bottle and fill it up four times and only drink that the entire day.


There will be no training today. All I recommend is 20–60 minutes of walking.

Day 2 (5 days out from photoshoot)

On this day, you will keep building on day 1. Keep your nutrition exactly the same as day 1, but you will start an “interesting” training protocol.

Water Intake

Drink 4L of water today.


For training, you’re going to want to start depleting the glycogen stores in your muscle. The idea behind this is when you carb load before your photoshoot, all the water in your body will be sucked from under your skin and fill up your muscles, making you look bigger and leaner. In order to do this, you will use 6 sets of 15 reps on each muscle group. Because you may feel weaker, machines work well here.

Carb depletion workout 1

Day 3 (4 days out from photoshoot)

Today, nutrition is the same as Days 1 and 2, but you will be increasing your water intake. This is where we really start to increase hydration. Make sure you’re close to a bathroom at all times, as you’ll need it.

Water Intake

Drink 6–8L of water today.

For training, we are still trying to deplete as much glycogen from the muscles as possible. Perform the same workout as on day 2.

Day 4 (3 days out from photoshoot)

For nutrition, you this will be exactly the same as day 3.

Water Intake

Drink 6–8L of water today.


For training, this is where things start to get interesting. We will push your body to deplete the glycogen stored in your muscles. In fact, we want your muscles to be screaming “feed me carbs!” It’s the final push before you start to carb up tomorrow. Here’s the workout to perform:

Carb depletion workout 2

Perform the workout above as a giant circuit. Do not rest between exercises, but rest 2 minutes after completing one circuit. You will do 10 total rounds.

Day 5 (2 days out from photoshoot)

Today is the day you’ve been waiting for, you finally get to eat carbs. The only problem is that you will start to lower your water intake. In fact, it’s not fun at all. You might feel bloating, constipation, energy ups and downs, trouble sleeping, and hunger.


Today, you will eat 5 meals. The goal is to maintain high protein, very low fat, and moderate carbs. On top of this, you will decrease your water intake to 2L for the entire day.

For protein, you will eat 0.82g/lb, so if you’re 160lbs, you will eat approximately 131g of protein, spread out over 4–5 meals. The caveat here is you will want to eat very lean protein, so you are limited to chicken breast, turkey breast, or white fish.

For carbs, you will eat only dry carbs. This includes things like rice cakes, banana chips, potatoes, and sweet potatoes. The goal is to get about 20–40g per meal. On top of this, you will limit your vegetables to leafy greens such as spinach.

For fat, you will have as low fat as possible. No added fat today, even for cooking.

For Calories, skip counting them. It’s about getting protein and carbs today.

For salt, salt your food slightly more than usual.

Here is an example meal:

· 100g baked chicken breast

· 1 baked potato or 3 rice cakes

· 1 cup of spinach

Water Intake

Drink 2L of water today.


For training, you will just want to go for a 20–60 minute walk. Something to just keep your blood flowing.

Tanning and Grooming

Today is the day where you will get a spray tan. When your skin is darker, your muscle definition is more apparent and you’ll look leaner. On top of this, I recommend shaving body hair from your chest and legs.

Day 6 (1 day out from photoshoot)

If you thought that yesterday was tough, then you’re in for another hard day. Today is where we continue to carb up and dehydrate. Keep in mind that you’re doing this all for the photoshoot.


Nutrition is the same as yesterday, but you will eat no salt today. This means getting your protein and dry carbs. For example, a sample meal could be:

· 100g of baked tilapia (plain with no salt)

· 1 baked potato or 3 rice cakes (plain with no salt)

· 1 cup of spinach

Water Intake

Drink no more than 250mL of water today. Basically, this means you can have 1 sip of water per meal. This sucks…a lot. But it will allow you to dry right up and look leaner.


For training, you will just want to go for a 20–60 minute walk. Something to just keep your blood flowing.

Day 7 (day of the photoshoot)

Today is the day you’ve been working towards. You should wake up feeling like crap, but look incredible.


You will eat 1 meal every 3–4 hours before your photoshoot. The meal will be exactly like the meals you ate yesterday (lean protein and dry carbs, no salt, and no fat).

Water Intake

Drink no more than 250mL of water before your photoshoot.


10–15 minutes before your photoshoot, you will want to get a good pump. This will allow you to look bigger, stronger, and more vascular (even though you will feel weaker). I recommend lots of pushups, some lateral raises, biceps curls, and posing. Chase the pump and try to fill your muscles with blood.


Enjoy the photoshoot, smile, and show off what you’ve accomplished. You’ve earned it.

After the Photoshoot

Now, it’s time to re-hydrate and get some food in your system. A balanced meal of protein, fats, and carbs is good here, along with a drink containing electrolytes. Don’t eat too much, as your stomach will not be used to feeling full. Gradually work your way up to eating normally again over the course of 1–2 days.


As you can see, the method above is very intense and takes immaculate amounts of willpower. You will deplete glycogen, dehydrate your body, carb up before the shoot, and look lean and shredded on camera. Bodybuilders and fitness models do this to themselves because they are professionals, and they want to look incredible on stage or on camera.

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