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Identifying The Symptoms Of Over Weight – Thomas V. Rast – Medium

Excess or over weight in men and women is a big problem, if one really thinks about it. While some stay fit even with excess weight, others feel very uncomfortable with weight. Therefore a weight loss program is a requirement to burn that excess fat from the body.

Further some people collect fat because of hormonal imbalances or due to hypertension problems. Whatever may be the reason, the collection of weight should mostly be prevented if one really wishes to stay fit always.


The problem of weight is quite apparent in many people. Both short people and people who have good height can develop weight problems. This creates a difficulty among people to carry on their daily schedules.

But this is a really personal issue and it depends on the decision of an individual and therefore advices about the problem should be reserved.


What is it ? How it affects ?

Some of the best symptoms of weight are, gaining too much of weight and looking very plumpy and chubby. Weight actually looks people to look older than their correct weight and because of this, a school going girl might look like a college pursuing girl. Similarly boys may look older than their actual age because of weight.

Similarly young mothers may look very old because of their weight. Many a times parenthood does not allow mothers to take care of their weight. Because of the heavy domestic work they do, they pick up eating habits in a disorderly manner resulting in over weight.

Therefore symptoms such as these indicate about the weight and it should be managed by identifying them.

What are the remedies?

Once the symptoms have been identified, they have to be worked out for taking best results. These include, avoiding untimely meals or any improper eating habits or any other reason of eating on a daily basis.

A professional dietician must be consulted to work on weight loss program on a priority. Because people who have more weight are prone to many health problems and this must be noted as an important aspect.

Further it is also important that when there are too many remedies available you have to choose the best remedy that suits to you. You must ensure that the remedy chosen should give a positive result to you in losing that excess weight from your body.

How to find relief?

The relief from weight loss is really good. You will not only feel good about yourself but will feel more energetic. Losing weight does not make you look sad but will add to your charm and beauty of your age.

Future care

Therefore keeping all these points in view, once you identify symptoms of weight, try to work on it with certain good method and you will achieve good results in longer period of time.

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