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Intrinsic, Extrinsic, and I Require Both!

Encouragement: Intrinsic, Extrinsic, and I Require Both!

(Mike DePung — Post II.93–17)

I work hard to keep things simple because my own thoughts can get complex. It’s something I help students do all the time — unpack their ideas and ensure logical flow. Just good writing principles.

Why bring this up tonight? Last night I wrote about the relatively simple concept of encouragement. Here are the sort of ideas that pop into my mind: distinguish between intrinsic and extrinsic encouragement; Heart or Ego energy; reasons we need encouragement; types of encouragement. And maybe more, but this is enough!

This whole writing journey, which I chose, created, and am pursuing, resulted from coming to know myself, which I won’t re-explain here. It started with a volume of poetry that was the first of a series of seven. I started the second, but then the novel started working and churning in my mind and soul. I wrote it and revised and submitted it to an editor and started rewriting it — still doing that.

However, I learned a little bit about publishing and publicity and marketing while I was doing all of this through St. Louis Publishers Association as well as a savvy young friend who followed the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk. This put me in a mindset to attract other resources that have helped. Extrinsic encouragement works when it resonates with my Purpose and Heart.

Intrinsic encouragement has come in the form of my own work. It seems really scattered in some ways, but the reality is it all harmonizes. I read material I wrote years ago, and I don’t remember writing it. However, it is so thematically consistent with my current work that I’m blown away. Intrinsic encouragement from my own being bears me up, and confirmation comes by my own Heart.

This has been especially evident over the past fifteen months. I purposefully set out to build an audience, a base, a tribe, with whom I could share my work. I have never worked so intently on any one project for such a prolonged period — no days off, no breaks. It has become second nature to me in some ways, but I definitely challenge myself by doing this daily blog, the earlier informal Pages, and then, usually, a shorter picture type post that disseminates from Instagram. I currently use five social media platforms. The responses from readers and followers serve as another form of extrinsic encouragement.

All of my work revolves around the theme of Self-discovery of that part of us who is the genuine deal, eternal Spirit, Heart, and the evidence of those who live their Heart in this illusion of time and space. And that is one reason I require encouragement. The more I understand my essence is Spirit, the more I understand that only a minority even care about it, and the more I understand that governance, business, and institutions of life operate via Ego, then the more I need encouragement. When I Ego-evaluate where I am right now, it appears fruitless — financially and even in terms of life impact.

At those times I start Ego-drifting that way, I muster up my Heart to fellowship with because I need strong intrinsic encouragement. And then when I come across responses and encouragement from those walking in their personal truth and Heart-purpose, I receive a double whammy of extrinsic encouragement vibrating at the frequency I need. And I am so filled with gratitude when that happens. Ultimately, though, without intrinsic encouragement of the validity, beauty, majesty, significance, and blessing my work is, the extrinsic would only be used by Ego to further derail me.

I would appreciate extrinsic encouragement, though, and blessing to at the very least publish my short book that I hope reduces my practical philosophy to the least common denominator in order that it may be a great uncommon encouragement to readers to help them discover Self and answer those questions: 1. Who am I? 2. What will I create as my Heart-purpose in being here? As I mentioned at the beginning, this is a challenge for me to simplify.

How do I simplify an idea, a concept, that explains the disposition of the behavior and history of humanity, both individual and corporate? Well, to me, if it’s applicable, workable, logical, it does not require volumes for the basic explanation, so I’ve kept it short — like 11,000 words or so. If it’s a useful, practical philosophy, it should contain a clear explanation understandable to any reader.

Hey, I know the facts and figures about book sales and all that. I need encouragement to finish and continue so that I may express eternal Spirit here. And I hope in the process, I bless and encourage many. I truly enjoy engaging in the fellowship of the Heart with those living their own truth.

Till tomorrow, blessings and encouragement!

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