Give me 5 minutes and by the end of this piece you’ll save thousands of dollars without needing to invest in dietary supplements and Danoz Direct equipment to shortcut the road to leanness.

You’ll also save thousands of hours of wasted time in the gym over a lifetime. Less time in the gym means more time at the beach, which is why we go to the gym!

Let me disclaimer: I’m not a sponsored natural fitness model competitor. So you’ll get the honest truth. But you’ll never find this advice in a magazine with juiced-up cover models and featured worthless supplements.

Here’s the punchline. If you truly want to lose fat, build muscle, feel great, get that “beach confidence” you’ve always wanted. The way to do it is strategic work! Huh?

Just because you are spending 3 hours in the gym sweating over the stairmaster, or pushing those dumbbells over your chest 4 times per week, guarantees nothing in the way of a great body. Nothing!

And throwing cash at fat burners and other supplements as a scapegoat to not being strategic in how you approach a body transformation won’t work either.

If you ignore or gloss over what I just said — you will, if you haven’t already, are about to fall into the same venus fly trap that cost me years of wasted time and frustration, in and out of the gym.

Check this out.

And no I don’t “work” as a fitness model competitor. I currently work a corporate job sitting on my ass all day. Much of my physique was built around my corporate job and travelling for 2–3–4 months of the year. More on that later (subscribe and I’ll eventually write about those specifics later.)

Strategic work is the key. Just doing “the work” in and out of the gym without the correct strategies, like most people do — will have you frazzled to why you invest so much time doing bicep curls, and wonder why those guns are not firing at a nightclub bar. “Doing the time” in the gym guarantees nothing.

This strategy (coming up,) which can be applied loosely across the general population, is what formed the foundation that transformed my skinny fat body into a physique of a natural fitness model competitor.

All without taking the BS supplements often rammed down our throats as consumers, or watching Danoz commercials and giving away three easy payments to the charlatans that care more for their private boat trips and less for your burgeoning cankles.

A successful body transformation requires strategic work, not just reading about it 🙂

Long-term body transformation success = nutrition + training + willpower progression.

The following pillars are the strategy! Leave one out and you will lose. Period.

  1. Nutrition: Actively managing your calories using a meal plan spreadsheet (uh oh!) or applications like MyNetdiary or MyFitnessPal (phew!,) to not exceed your daily target calories, is the only guaranteed way to win. Men: 2000 calories. Women: 1500 calories. Online calculators will get these targets more accurate. Punch them into the smartphone app. Macros are important but it deserves its own write-up!
  2. Nutrition: Increasing your protein intake (0.6–1 gram/lb of bodyweight/day.) Whole foods first if you have time but protein shakes will suffice if regularly private jet setting. Whey and casein protein powders are great. Note to Vegans: brown rice or pea protein powder will suffice. Just get enough protein everyday and worry about the micro-details later.
  3. Training: Doing heavy compound weight training around core lifts: dead lifting (back,) overhead press (shoulders,) bench press (chest,) barbell squats (legs,) is the best place for a beginner to start. Of course, there are 1,877 other exercises you could do but will not offer the same return on gym-time invested as… heavy… compound… weight training.
  4. Training: 3–5 days per week of weight training. Maximum 45–60 minutes a session. Heavy compound weight exercises (Google.) Start with a basic push-pull-legs split, then get fancy later. Google that aswell. 3–4 sets per muscle group. 6–8 reps per set. 2–3–4–5 minutes rest between sets. 1–3 days off from weight training every week. Cardio? Maximum of 1–3 hours per week! Yep, that’s all I’ve been doing. For years!
  5. Willpower muscle: Don’t try and go from 0 to 100 in a 1967 Volkswagon, so to speak, on the previous three points. You will break! I know when I started my journey years ago, my willpower muscle was like a 2-year-old infant. Take… your… time! Download MyNetDiary and play with it for a week. Learn a bit about whey protein. I didn’t wake up as a fitness model competitor. I chipped away at it. Day…by…day! Try and hit your protein target once per week, then twice per week, etc. Learn the benchpress. Learn the squat. Take your time. YouTube: “how to barbell squat” and then go into the gym and give it a shot.

Brain fried? That’s okay.

Take your time. Re-read this piece a few times. Chip away at it.

The only way to win at the game of a body transformation is to apply old school tactics. Strategic work is key. Always.

If you need help or further explanation of what I’ve talked about, I have developed a lot of free online fitness courses that I wish I had access to when I first started. Go and check them out.

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