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You Must Have These 12 Everyday Carry Items in Your Bag

From earphone organizers to power banks, the list of accessories we need in our day-to-day life is increasing every day. But the space inside your bag isn’t. Result — it’s always cramped up with a lot of things. And that’s not just it. With so many accessories in the bag, it’s difficult to look for them at the same time. So here we bring you some of the coolest everyday carry items you can easily have inside your bag that won’t take up too much space. 😎 (You’ll thank us later!)

Nearbuds Magnetic AirPods Clips

Save your Apple wireless AirPods with Nearbuds for AirPods. Designed specifically for the all-new Apple wireless AirPods, this device uses powerful neodymium magnets to keep them close. The Nearbuds system features one clip for each AirPod as well as an adjustable safety strap. Simply snap them into place and your AirPods will always be nearby.

Simple Leather Key Wrap

Keep your keys tidy and organized with the Simple Leather Key Wrap by Campbell Cole. Featuring stunning vegetable tanned leather, this simple system wraps around your keys to protect them. Additionally, it uses high-quality materials to last and last. Holding everything together is a super durable stainless steel wire rope.

Dubleup Ultra Compact Power Bank

Never go anywhere without power when you have the Dubleup Ultra Compact Power Bank. The 1280mAh battery offers a 5v output so you have enough energy to continue to call, text, and browse with peace of mind. Incredibly, this tiny device remains the size of a credit card. Additionally, you can stash it in your purse or wallet so it’s always on you, it’s been approved by Apple making it fit for devices with a lightning port and also approved by worldwide safety authorities!

Thing of a Widget Multifunctional Fidget Device

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Actually, it’s the Thing of a Widget Multifunctional Fidget Device. This compact device serves as a variety of useful items that you can never find when you need them most. The Thing of a Widget functions as a bottle opener, screwdriver, wrench, pry bar, and even a phone stand. You can even use it to entertain your cat.

Travis 80-Language Personal Translator

Once a mere science fiction concept only found in the most imaginative books and movies, automatic instantaneous translation in a conversation is now a reality. Travis the Translator is the world’s first smart pocket translator powered by artificial intelligence that will break down language barriers worldwide due to its impressive array of features: supports translation of over 80 languages online and 23 offline, with 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, and has a built-in 12-hour battery, for a seamless translation experience.

Leather and Wood Earphones Cable Winder

Keep your cables safe and free from being a tangled mess with this Leather and Wood Earphones Cable Winder. Coming in a beautiful combination, the winder helps in keeping your cables more organized. You can use it comfortably in your everyday life. Additionally, the winder makes sure to extract only the amount of cable required at a point in time.

Cableyoyo By Bluelounge

Cableyoyo is an earbud cord spool with a magnetic center to keep earphones tidy and tangle-free while enabling quick winding and unwinding. Can also be used for small cables. In celebration of Bluelounge’s 10th Anniversary it is re-launching its very first product, Cableyoyo. A decade ago, Dominic Symons set out to design solutions for everyday problems focusing on how to rid spaces of unruly cables, thus creating the original Cableyoyo.

Kiko Leather Cord Wrap

Say goodbye to tangled cables and hello to simplicity with the Kiko Leather Cord Wrap. With enough space for all of the necessities, this system keeps all of your cables and cords tightly bundled. The ultra soft leather exterior comes in your choice of brown or black and complements your entire everyday carry.

Leather Sunglasses Case by Mr. Lentz

Keep your shades looking nice and new with the Leather Sunglasses Case by Mr. Lentz. Offering superior protection than standard cases, this one looks great as part of your everyday carry. The Leather Case is complete with durable brass rivets. In addition, the Leather Case has a strong magnetic closure for easy access and closing.

GARY Automatic Cable Organizer

Owning lots of devices means lots of tangling cables. But, with the GARY automatic cable organizer, fiddling with cables is a thing of the past. This incredible device is able to instantly tidy your cables as well as your headphone wires. First, loop your cable around the interior hook. Second, gently tug the cable.

Leather Earphones Organizer

Give your cables a tidy home in the form of this Leather Earphones Organizer. This organizer offers a reliable solution to keep your cables tangle-free. They are tiny accessories you can easily use in your everyday life. As a matter of fact, the organizer is available in two beautiful colors of brown and blue.

Titan Note Advanced Note-Taking Device

Are you still taking notes by hand? It is time to upgrade to Titan Note. Simply place the advanced note taking device on your desk and it records everything you need to know. Amazingly, the Titan Note automatically converts the recordings into text and summarizes the notes for you to review in the app.

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