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Negative Thought Spirals. 8 Strategies For Getting Out of One

You have a negative thought. Instead of letting go of the negative thought, you cultivate the negative thought into more negative thoughts. You tend to these negative thoughts like a good farmer — a twisted one. You sprinkle a little bit of hate, mix in jealousy, add a bit of self-doubt, and bam — you’ve got a field that produces some of the best negativity in the world.

But the field gets out of control.

What you didn’t realize is you were growing thorny weeds and invasive hard-to kill plants.

Weeds are hard to kill. They come back. They attach themselves to any bit of ground or soil. They take root in cracks and crevices. If they aren’t dealt with can take over entire concrete buildings.

Negative thoughts will also take root in any tiny crack or crevice of your mind. Any tiny insecurities you have.

Eventually, your mind becomes are great breeding ground for negativity and self-hate.

Negative thoughts start to spawn and make more copies of themselves. What was one insecurity now turns into several insecurities. Before you know it you wonder what your even doing here on planet Earth.

How to stop a negative thought spiral:

  • Realize that negative thoughts are like weeds and will take ahold of any type of insecurity you have. If you don’t know the enemy you can’t deal with the enemy. In this case, knowing that negative thoughts can take root in any small insecurity will allow you to pinpoint and deal with it. This concept comes from War and battlefield tactics — but can be applied to your mind.
  • Negative thoughts have to be dealt with on the spot. Which means confronting your fears.
  • Ask questions instead of statements. This tip comes from “Gorilla Mindset.” When we go on a negative rant we make statements. Instead re-frame it into a question: “Am I the type of person who gets dramatic over petty stuff?” “Is this way of thinking getting me closer to the vision I have for my life?”
  • Change your body language. If your beating yourself up stand up straight, take a deep breath, and smile. I don’t know why this works, but it throws a wrench into a thought spiral. Science even shows us that smiling even when we don’t want to — can uplift our mood.
  • Change your environment. If your having negative thoughts go to a different room or go outside. Anyplace that’s different. A recent study by Duke University, shows that simply going to a different room causes people to forget. (Nicknamed “the doorway effect.”) If you’ve ever gotten up to go to the bathroom and forgot what you were doing — this is the idea.
  • Train your mindset. A favorite quote of mine is, “People don’t rise to the occasion they fall back on their training.” Most people have a blackbelt in negativity. They wonder why they can’t shake those thoughts. If you don’t train your mind you’ll never get out. Read about mindset. Fill your mind with powerful books, quotes, ideas, and positive people.
  • Cut the negative friends out. For most people having toxic friends gives them purpose. It gives them something to complain about. Something to do because their lives are boring.
  • Imagine the opposite. Imagine you live in a world where you have a powerful mindset instead of a self-hating negative one. Imagine that people exist on the opposite side of the spectrum. They exist. People who have a blackbelt in a winners mindset. Imagine you don’t let anything shake you. You play life on the offense rather than defense. You make moves and people react. You create a positive-magnetic vibe because you’ve trained and re-programmed your mind. People come to you. You envision a better life for yourself. You adopt the mindset of a winner. Imagine the opposite.

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