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Prevent Your Marketing Team Burnout with these Sure-Fire Tactics

Marketing departments and advertising agencies across the world are dealing with a burnout epidemic. And if truth be told, marketers are used to of stress. As the marketing world needs greater accountability, a lot of technical and practical demands, increasing competition and responsiveness to business models that can abruptly pile on work when it’s least predictable.

Approximately 80% of marketers claim they feel overloaded and two in three of them predict their workloads to increase. Marketing professionals work extraordinary than any average professional. Even the most motivated marketing professional can eventually get burned out when the endless stream of responsibilities and expectations are coming from clients and management.

A study says that in US approximately 1 million users miss their work due to stress which leads to loss in revenue up to $150–300 billion.

There are several factors that matter most to your project’ success — from the mental health of your workers to maintaining the level of productivity of your marketing team. If they are left unchecked, your business could be faced with:

· An increased employee turnover rate as overloaded workers look for other jobs with more realistic deadlines, better work-life balance and most importantly, peace of mind.

· Overworked and overwhelmed marketers produce quantitative results instead of quality. Their work consists of small mistakes, is less optimized, and they get delivered their tasks behind deadline more frequently.

· Damaged reputation of the marketing department to the rest of the department, clients and potential candidates.

To minimize or totally avoid this burnout of marketing team, it is highly advised to consider the following actions:

Focus on Results and Quality

Unless there is a meeting or a time-sensitive culture of your digital marketing agency, there is

not really a demanding need for many marketing professionals to be there in the office at any given time.

For instance, someone who completes their tasks always and meets or exceeds their KPIs every month, but leaves at 4:30 every day are highly efficient.

There’s no point to force them to sit around just to keep a seat warm. As long as they are meeting their deadlines, fulfilling their responsibilities and meeting their KPIs, does it make any sense to check and balance when and how long they are in the office every day.

Obviously, being a business owner you might want them to complete a certain number of hours to keep them engaged with your organization culture and put them in a position to collaborate with their peers. But giving them more room and flexibility in terms of when they are expected to time in and time out or when they are taking their breaks.

If you are an advertising agency who have very strict policies or management expectations about when your workers clock in or out in the office, then it’s high time to consider carefully if there a tactical advantage to those rules or regulations or if these policies are dying your workplace productivity.

Reconsider How Your Marketing Team Spends their Time

A report conducted by the State of Marketing Work suggests that marketing professional spend 17% of their time answering emails, 9% in boring, time wastage meeting, and 9% in administrative and other tasks.

Undoubtedly, marketing professionals have important collaboration, communication and some paperwork responsibilities. However, there must be some room for improvement.

There is not any perfect solution to time consuming and less productive tasks. But there are some marketing firms and organizations that have revised their policies and experimented with email and meeting policies to minimize the amount of frivolous communication and squandered time.

No matter what your situation is, cutting down any unproductive and time wasted activity across the marketing team will create more breathing room for them.

Give Rewards to Your Team

If you are feeling that you team is overwhelmed, overworked or unappreciated. It’s the right time to recognizing and compensating your workers for their hard work and dedication during times of stress. It could be an effective way to mitigate your marketing team burnout.

Recognition can be given in different forms and it’s up to your management team what works best for each of your team members. Some workers will be motivated by public acknowledgement, others by a personal email. The aim remains the same — to acknowledge their hard work and dedication to make sure they know it is appreciated and worth the effort.

Similarly, you can offer a variety of different rewards to your team members that overachieving their KPIs all the time. A bonus or salary raise are financial incentives that are liked by most of the employees and help retain those efficient talents looking for other opportunities. You can add some creativity to your rewards like arrange office parties, corporate events or offer flexibility with their office timings.

Use Tech Tools

Today’s marketing world is driven by collaboration and productivity. To achieve both in a way that benefits your marketing team is a big challenge for management. Strategy alignment, transparency and priority management are some key factors that need to be addressed carefully.

Some online tools have made it easier for teams to collaborate clearly, prioritize tasks, delegate tasks and hold team members accountable for responsibilities. TaskQue is one of the best free online task management software that can increase productivity and efficiency of your marketing team, can check who is responsible for what task, project updates, upload files, view work schedule, keep track of your performance and much more.

Over to You

In this fast-paced environment, work is getting more complex and demanding, and staying productive and engaged in such high-pressure workplaces can be tough. It can be challenging enough to manage your marketing team stress. But these sure-fire tactics can help you handle the feelings of stress, burnout and disengagement among your marketing professionals.

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