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Quit the resistance. Your dream has arrived, get on with it!

Fellow entrepreneurs, your 3-card spread and guidance has arrived. You’ve found each other! I trust it serves and sets you on course with gusto this week.

Overall message for this week:

Here you ARE. You have ARRIVED. The CLARITY of your dream has arrived, quit resisting. Rise into your dream and give it legs. Give it your hands to create it and your feet to ground it. The confusion and uncertainty are well behind you now. You can let go. Feed your ‘hunger’ by BEING in the goal you have envisioned for so long. Be it. Do it.

Card 1: Ascended Master Serapis Bey

You’ve searched long and hard for this. This dream that is now your reality. Release the resistance you’ve used to protect yourself. You KNOW in your depth that you’re always safe. Simply because you ARE on track. As you consciously and wholeheartedly step IN, step up and step IN to the dream and vision that lights you up, you’ll remain buoyant and safe.

You now have vivid experience of what your darkness looks like. Rather than turn a blind eye to it, look BACK on it and honor its presence. Embrace what it’s taught you and let it illuminate just how right and true your dream is given that such darkness, aka resistance/avoidance/procrastination(!), challenged you. First to worked you to doubt and give up, now positively awakened you to reconnect with it with a vengeance! With more of your pure, wholehearted self.

Card 2: Archangel Gabriel

The baby of your dream is born. Time to DO. This new phase is a new self image for you to adjust to, sure.

You are actually more familiar with it than you give yourself credit for! You’ve been working at it step by step, but because it’s been such a joy and pleasure, it didn’t feel like ‘work’ or ‘serious enough’! Your step by step joy has manifest the grounded presence of it now. Be proud. And like a new born baby, it’s time you now get to know your baby, the baby of your purposeful dream. Get to know it’s temperament, character, personality, what makes it ‘cry’ (I.e., becomes a strain) and what makes it ‘laugh’ (I.e., that is shows steps of progression and forward motion).

A message by ArchAngel Gabriel, the overseer of writing, encourages you to write brief letters to your dream and materialize it more solidly. The written words in your letter, or love notes if you will, will fuel stronger mental images grounding your dream even further. Guidance and practical steps of ‘what next?’ will come to you through this method too.

Card 3: Light and Love

The way you bring divine light and love to those you serve is YOUR way of embodying it. Whether it’s written work, creative, through food, through reports, through speaking and the many other ways and means available, YOUR way shines from you.

You don’t have to TRY to give divine love and light. Ground your dream and a natural ‘by-product’ is the love and light as it is meant to be expressed by you. Use your hands to create its parts, use your feet to ground it as your line of work needs it to be, and you are naturally following universal law and being a channel for love and light.

This is the week of doing and taking actions that, bit by bit, put you and your dream out there. Release the shadows that have haunted you. It’s a choice you can easily make. Your passion and buoyant steps will do the rest. Stay in your fun and joy, practice this each day, and your renewed and regenerated self image will strengthen. And so it is.

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Here’s to your Soulful Living,

Elizabeth Celi

These cards were drawn from the Keepers of the Light, Angel Tarot and Life Purpose Oracle card decks, respectively. Each drawn after meditation with my spirit council requesting a message of guidance and encouragement for entrepreneurs intended to serendipitously find their way toward this reading. Consider all guidance with the light of your own self contemplation and self responsibility as it applies best for you. The choices are yours now and always.

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