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Stop Looking for A Mentor! Get the Shit Done on Your Own.

Throughout the years, many people have asked me this question — “Who is your mentor?”

To be specific, I gained inspiration, guidance, and help from my brother — Kushaal. He has worked with various companies as well as start-ups; hence, he is well-informed with the ins and outs of the business world.

While I was struggling with my first venture, I used to run to him with all my problems and he used to guide me patiently.

In the truest sense, he became my mentor instantly. I didn’t feel the need to call up someone else other than him whenever I felt stuck.

In our imagination, we perceive a mentor to be someone who would sit down with us for several hours and would guide us throughout the way so that we become the next big thing in the world.

I mean, seriously? Does a true mentor have enough time to help you get your shit done and that too, when there is nothing beneficial for him? No. Instead, they are busy setting their own lives.

Yes, it is possible that he can guide you and suggest you the right way. But, at the end of the day, you have to be your own hero. You have to assess your road on your own and reach your destination without asking someone else to drop you there.

Indeed, a mentor has profound knowledge and an amazing experience, but it is also true that he would have a lot of valuable things to do other than sitting with you.

Until or unless your mentor isn’t related to you in any way or aren’t getting any benefits, it would be quite difficult to persuade someone to assist you.

The Need to Have a Mentor

When does the need of a mentor arise? It’s exactly when you leave college and enter this big vicious world. While we leave the doors of the education system, we are just amateurs waiting to be modified into another professional.

Just by getting a degree, we start thinking ourselves to be special. We think we know everything. However, the moment we start doing the real shit, we realize that we aren’t yet capable.

How is this thing going to be?

How will I reach my destination?

Which road shall I take?

There is a lot in our minds. And, that’s the exact time when we feel lost. When the future becomes obscure, we try to find a mentor who would enlighten us at every step.

How to Attract a Mentor?

If you have someone knowledgeable in your family, just like I have my brother, it won’t be a taxing task for you to get mentored. But, if you don’t have anyone, the scenario would be something totally different.

In case you don’t have anyone, one of the best tactics to attract a mentor would be to create connections with them. Try getting in touch with some of the experts from your field and ask whether you can help them with small things? In such a scenario, you must not think about what you are going to get in return.

Maybe, everything seems like the wastage of time. But, who knows, at some point in time, when they would be stuck in a critical situation, the one to hit their mind would be you.

Maybe, by doing their small tasks, you will get better with your credentials. And, there is no other way to learn than hard-work.

Pick the Correct Mentor

If at all you are thinking to work for a person, then you must select such a person who is ten times better than you. A person who is better than you will help you rise high and become a better person as a professional.

Ask yourself –

Whom do you want to mentor you?

Is the person capable enough of being a Mentor?

Has he fought all the obstacles and accomplished all the goals?

How can you grow under his shadow?

Don’t Rely on The Mentor

Indeed, having a mentor can make things easier. It is always soothing to know that there is someone who would pull you out every time you feel stuck. But, relying totally on a mentor seems a bit impractical.

Since you already know that that person is not going to be by your side 24/7. There can be some situations when he might be busy, out of the station, sick, or simply not available. At that time, there would be no one but you and your problems.

Hence, you must know how to handle yourself and how to have a firm grip on your problems. It’s never easy. But, the journey will not be tough till the end, either. If you have the determination, passion, and fire within you to make it — you wouldn’t feel the need to rely on anyone else ever.

In the end, a mentor is only going to help you if he will see capability in you. You would have to leave behind all those people who are filled with negativity and are pulling you behind as well. Surround yourself with people who have a spark in them.

Also, don’t expect people to feed you with their

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