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Stuck it out this far together, put our dreams through the shredder.

Stuck it out this far together, put our dreams through the shredder.

Weight-loss is incredibly frustrating, especially when you grew up being more on the skinny side. Up until a few years ago I weighed between 125–140. My weight would always fluctuate but I was never what I considered to be “over-weight”. I was just healthy and had a super awesome metabolism. I started switching up my life-style. I got comfortable in a long-term relationship, started eating like shit and before I knew it 125–140 turned into 150–160, then 170–180 and before I knew it I was close to 200lbs. It was never my intention to let myself go, just something that happened that I was blind to.

I still remember the day I decided I needed to change my day-to-day routine. I was working at the bank with another girl who was probably a size 0–2 when a guy comes in and starts hitting on her. She mentions that she has a boyfriend, but that I’m available. This guy looked at me in absolute disgust and said something vague about how he’s not my type and came off offended that she would suggest me. Never in my life had I felt more insecure or terrible about myself than in that moment. I hung out with a friend after work because I was so sad about it, and I was just explaining how it made me feel. He looked over and told me that I was beautiful and I should know that no matter what. I thought to myself that “this guy is looking at me in my most absolute worst state telling me that I’m beautiful. If I work really hard, maybe other people will think that of me too.”

And so it began, the journey to self-improvement. If you know me well enough then you know I’m ALWAYS looking for ways to better myself in any aspect of my life. Skinny/Fit people who’ve never been over-weight, be so happy you’ve never had to experience the anxiety of working out with people who are physically fit thinking if they were judging you for just starting out. There is nothing more uncomfortable when you’re starting out and you’re surrounded by people who know what they’re doing, and you’re just like “what does this do?” or “am I doing this right?” I wouldn’t look at myself in the mirror for the longest time because I hated what I was looking at. Even with those feelings in mind, I still pushed myself out of my comfort zone and committed 100% of my time to weight loss. I would run about 3 miles everyday, which would slowly transition into running + lifting, which would turn into straight lifting. I can’t tell you how many times I cried in the gym or felt like I couldn’t do it. There was a lot of frustration a long the way but before I knew it I was down 30lbs and had noticeable muscle definition.

I had A LOT of help along the way. I can’t express my gratitude enough for the people who sent me workout plans, or taught me anything about lifting & dieting. I’m doing a lot of this on my own now, but I know that I would not be where I’m at, with the knowledge I have without a few people telling me what to do throughout my weight-loss endeavors. I will keep going and won’t stop until I reach my fitness goals and when I reach my goals, I slightly hope you all are proud of me for taking your tips and not giving up. I hope that you all know that you’ve made a difference in my life and will always be apart of the reason I have confidence and feel good about myself.

Why am I writing any of this? Because I have a lot of friends who are just starting out who haven’t gained their confidence yet. It’s a constant struggle and you’re going to get upset and/or frustrated. You’re going to want to quit countless times until you start noticing your progress. Push yourself to work harder and get outside your comfort zone. When it gets hard remember to remind yourself why you’re doing this. It’s all mind over matter and if you’re putting in the work and putting good stuff in your body, you’re going to lose the weight.

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