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The 1 Amazing Secret, Why SUCCESSFUL people are Always LUCKY

The best luck of all is the luck you make for yourself.

Everybody experiences LUCK some time or the other in their lives.

In his Treatise Physics, Aristotle gives a famous example of chance: a man who is owed money, visits some place for an entirely different reason (goes to the marketplace to buy pomegranates), by accident runs into the man who owes him money, and is able to collect it. Getting back his money is the fulfillment of an end goal for the man but it resulted from an event undertaken for a different goal — that is, getting the pomegranates.

Thus he got his money back as an accidental bonus. This form of luck happens inconsistently to everybody.

But How can we explain those people who CONSISTENTLY get LUCKY always?

They succeed by chance “always or for the most part”. They get consistently lucky in all risky pursuits and do not deliberate much using wisdom and logic, while attempting to jump into the unknown.

What is their AMAZING secret of success?

Aristotle explains about this second kind of lucky person in his treatise Eudemian Ethics succinctly.

According to Aristotle, there can be three reasons for a person getting lucky always-:

· Personal Demon who looks after them.

· They are extremely intelligent and talented

· They have a particularly unique nature.

He quickly rules out the personal demon. Some people claim that a certain guardian angel or daimôn guides the decisions of lucky people directly: “the lucky man has a good daimôn as his pilot.” He dismisses this model; it is simply absurd for Aristotle that the divine would show particular favor to a foolish person, rather than to the best one. He also rules out wisdom as the cause of consistent luckiness, because it is precisely average-headed people who are lucky, and they cannot give an account of their success, which they would be able to do if it had arrived from wisdom.

Aristotle then turns to the last option. He asks himself if the “constantly” lucky people have a certain “NATURE” which brings them success. The ability of these people depends on some “quality” of their nature which helps them to win consistently.

But then, if “Nature” is responsible for success, then that would mean that there is no such thing as LUCK. But this was not acceptable to Aristotle because he is sure that luck exists. The kind of phenomenon he was looking for, was similar to playing dice, in which something happens “many times in succession to someone, not because it ought to happen that way, but it is more of a “lucky throw “of dice.

Aristotle then went one step beyond “Nature” and came to the specific “Behaviors” of people that shaped their nature. That sets him on a hunt, for the source of lucky people’s opportune desires, and into some of his broadest consideration of human desire as described in his corpus.

According to Aristotle “Lucky behaviors” stimulate “lucky motions” which ultimately leads to “Lucky results”. It seems the whole cosmos or universe “conspires” along with the person to “fulfill” his objectives.

Thus he comes to the conclusion that, LUCKY people operate via a system of sub rational natural impulses which orients them towards the good. Consistent luckiness leads to good actions and good outcomes that are typically only achievable via our lower order, impulse-driven system. Such of these natural impulses can be -:

Lucky People are always Enthusiastic

Continuing through failures without losing faith takes a lot of courage. Every successful person on this planet have had, faced failures at some point or the other. The ones who succeed are the ones who don’t lose enthusiasm in the face of failure.

Lucky People are always Courageous

Success is not an overnight operation. It will come eventually but it will not come easily. The courage to fight for what you truly believe in counts a lot. It takes continuous courage to keep walking towards the long road to success.

Lucky People Make Mistakes

It’s ok to be wrong. It’s human. Making a mistake means you tried something new. But, never make the same mistake twice. Mistakes are nothing but “more chances” to get lucky.

Lucky People Are Hard Working

Successful People only APPEAR lucky. All of them have worked hard before the opportunity knocked on their door. Behind their luck are long dreary hours of hard work, sweat and tears. The more you work hard, the luckier you get.

Lucky People have a Burning desire to Succeed.

It will take a continuous burning desire to achieve that will determine the odds of your success. In the face of defeat, we often give up and our desires diminish. You should keep them burning in order to succeed.

Lucky People Work Consistently

Success is a result of small strenuous efforts done over a long period of time that add up in helping you achieve your dream. Never give up on these small efforts as these small efforts add up to become big over time. Smaller wins lead to bigger victories.

Lucky People Believe in Themselves

Fake it till you make it. Always believe that you can. Never for once bring this thought in your head that you can’t. You can and one day you will.

Bringing it All Together

The secret of success only lies in persistence, perseverance and practice. Successful people appear lucky because they create more “opportunities” and “chances” for themselves by constantly improvising and practicing rigorously towards their goals. There is no technique as such for getting “lucky”. Successful people simply keep actualizing their potential towards the good which helps them to better themselves at every instant.

The law of probability clearly works in their favor because, the more you play (work!), the luckier you get, simple as that!!!

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