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The Best Productivity Tool on the Market Just Got Better

Your time management matters because everything you do takes place in time. That’s why your time management tools matter. You need a suite of tools that make your time management easier, more effective. It also helps if it’s enjoyable to use.

In previous posts, I’ve shared about my favorite productivity tool, IQTELL. It is, by far, my favorite and most used productivity tool. I love it because it integrates all of the major aspects of time management: calendar, projects, tasks, email, and Evernote (just to name some of them). With IQTELL, all of these tools are seamlessly integrated into one customizable system. I have tried dozens of other tools, including Nozbe, Asana, Toodledo, Todoist, Wunderlist and Outlook — just to name a few. None of them stack up to the abilities and functionality of IQTELL.

And IQTELL just got better!

In April 2017, they released an updated version which includes a new User Interface. My favorite productivity tool just got better. And not just a little better. IQTELL just blew away the competition of any other productivity software out there with this new web app.

The new web app has enhanced my organization and productivity. IQTELL helps me keep track of my emails, notes, tasks, and projects. I can easily find what I’m looking for, prioritize my to-do items, and enjoy it!

Life is complex. Managing all of the moving parts and information can be exhausting. But IQTELL makes it easier!

Here are some of my favorite new features of IQTELL:

1. Cleaner User Interface

When I first recommended IQTELL, the User Interface (UI) was functional but not great. I was willing to overlook this because the functionality was so good.

With the new web app, the team at IQTELL redesigned everything from scratch. The UI is clean and simple to use.

It’s also customizable. You will manage your time differently than anyone else. So you need to be able to customize your system. IQTELL lets you customize almost everything: forms, columns, folders and subfolders. You can even customize which fields you use and don’t have to see the ones you don’t use.

2. Better Email Inbox Management

Let’s face it: nobody loves email, but it is still your primary means of communication. Managing your email inbox can be a pain. You have to sort through multiple email inboxes to weed out the junk. And a lot of your email needs to get converted into actions, projects, and notes. Most systems don’t allow you to easily do this (remember, I’ve tried a lot of them!)

IQTELL makes email management so much simpler. IQTELL combines all of your email inboxes (up to 15!) into one EZ Inbox. This gives you the ability to look at one email inbox instead of multiple. This has always been a feature of IQTELL. But the new software added two new very important inbox features:

A. Snoozed email.

As you go through your email inbox, you may come across an email that you don’t need to look at until tomorrow… Or one week from now. Snoozed email lets you tell IQTELL when you need to see this email again. At the appointed time, the email magically appears back in your inbox.

B. Pinned Email

If you’re like me, you get a lot of emails every day. The most important email can get lost in the shuffle of everything else. Pinned email gives you the ability to pin your most important email to the top of your inbox. This will help you keep your most important emails at the top of your box.

This is also effective if you have an assistant. Your assistant can sort through your email and pin the most important to the top of your inbox so you look at them first.

3. Sending Email on Steroids

Not only is the inbox much better in the new IQTELL, but sending an email just got better as well. There are four new features that have significantly improved my email experience.

A. Schedule when an email will be sent.

I recently had a time-sensitive email that I needed to send at a specific time. But I was going to be in a meeting at that time. With IQTELL, it wasn’t a problem. The solution was easy.

I wrote the email in advance and scheduled at the desired time. While I was in the meeting, IQTELL did the work for me by sending the email at the right time.

B. Email follow up

Have you ever sent an email in which you needed to hear back from someone by a certain time? If you don’t hear back from them, things can fall through the cracks. This can be frustrating as you need to create a calendar event or task reminder (both of which IQTELL can easily do).

But IQTELL makes it even easier. If the recipient of you email doesn’t respond by a certain time, IQTELL will notify you to follow up with them.

C. Make IQTELL your default email client

Have you ever clicked a link to send an email from a web page and your computer opened some unwanted email program on your computer. It’s so frustrating. That’s because your computer is setup to open that program as your default email client.

IQTELL now lets you use IQTELL as your default email client. It takes 2 seconds to set up and saves you lots of time because you won’t have to wait on your computer to open a new program.

D. Canned Responses in Email

You have some basic statements that you use over and over in your email. For example: “I hope you’re doing well.” Or “Thank you so much.” With IQTELL’s Email Templates feature, you can click a button and automatically insert these into your email. This feature will save you a ton of time and energy.

You can even create an email template for larger portions of text and embed images. I find it a must when working with clients, sending out proposals and responding to inquiries. It not only reduces your response time but also minimizes potential typos. Once I’ve proof-read my templates, they’re good to go! This feature, by itself, will save you a TON of time.

4. Fast and easy navigation

What I found in the new IQTELL is that the navigation, even for first-time users, is very intuitive. That is exactly what I’m expecting from a time management system, it should let me navigate through my workspace at ease and find things quickly.

When I first introduced people to IQTELL, I had to give them a lengthy tour. With the new IQTELL navigation, navigation is easier and more intuitive — even for first-time users. That’s exactly what you should expect from a time management system!

There are two new navigation features that have made me love IQTELL even more than before:

A. Easy Access to Multiple Parts of IQTELL

IQTELL is an online platform, so you can use it with any browser (I prefer Google Chrome). One of the major improvements is that you set up IQTELL to work in different browser tabs. In the previous IQTELL web app, you had one browser tab for all the parts of your IQTELL workspace. It could get crowded very quickly. With the new IQTELL, each part (Calendar, Actions, etc.) can be opened in its own tab.

So, in Chrome, I always have four tabs bookmarked: Calendar, Actions, Projects, and Inbox. As soon as I open Chrome, I open these in the first four tabs.

When I’m using Chrome on my Mac, I simply click Command-1 (Calendar), Command-2 (Actions), etc. At work, I have a PC. No problem. Just use Control-1 or Control-2, etc. to easily navigate through the tabs.

IQTELL has reduced wasted time by both making navigation so easy and by being able to look at any part of IQTELL with the push of a button.

B. Keyboard Shortcuts

IQTELL has added new keyboard shortcuts that make getting things done even easier.

It is possible to use any of the features no matter which part of your IQTELL you’re currently in. You can create a new email even when you’re looking at your actions. Or create a new Action when you’re looking at your calendar. Everything is integrated, and new things can be created anywhere by clicking one or two keys.

You can also assign “macro” keyboard shortcuts. A macro lets you perform multiple operations with the click of a single button. In one click, you can turn an email into an Action that’s linked to a Project and automatically Archives the email.

Because of macros, I can process through dozens of emails in minutes!

5. Constant Improvements

My favorite feature of IQTELL is the constant improvements that they make. They listen to their customers and continually add features and make improvements. In fact, most of the new features were the result of customer suggestions.

And the pace is amazing! They update the web app constantly.

The best part of that is that you don’t need to download a new version of the software. IQTELL provides an embedded notification to let you know when a new version is available. All you have to do is click on the ‘Refresh’ link they provide in the notification. You’ll have the most up-to-date service.

For a full list of the updates that they’ve made, and instructions on how to use the features, click here.

Try it for Free!

IQTELL is not just a To-do or task manager app. It is a comprehensive solution that allows you to manage all aspects of your productivity. Email, tasks, projects, notes, contacts and calendars. It is all in one place and fully integrated. And you can try it for free!

IQTELL has been great stewardship of my time. Once I realized the potential of IQTELL, I invested some time to learn it and utilize its powers. I admit that it took me about a month. But that was the old web app. The new one is easier and more intuitive.

If you could invest a small amount of time that will help you save a huge amount of time, would it be worth it? Absolutely! That’s good stewardship. I believe that IQTELL can help you steward your time, too.

IQTELL offers a fully-functional free version for 60 days. That’s more than sufficient to help you get up to speed. My recommendation is to start by focusing on email and task management. Use the simple features first and then move on to the more sophisticated ones like project management.

IQTELL is ready to use out of the box. All you need to do is connect your email account(s) to IQTELL, and you’re ready to go.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve tried a lot of programs. I’m not kidding you when I say that I’ve tried hundreds of time management programs. My friends and co-workers often joked that I would learn a new system, put all of my information in it, and then realize that it wasn’t as full-featured as I wanted. Then I would leave and find a new program. My search for the best one has ended. IQTELL is the best.

If you give it a 60-day trial, I think you’ll agree with me.

Last but not least, I’d also like to offer my help. If you decide to integrate IQTELL into your life and need a little help, email me. I’m happy to help. There’s also a community of IQTELL junkies who can help give insight.

Question: What’s stopping you from trying a 60-day free version of IQTELL?

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