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The Buyer’s Guide on How to Commission Something Awesome.

So you want to commission a gift or some artwork, but you don’t know where to begin. Well, it’s a good thing you’re here because with this handy guide, you’ll be able to commission something awesome in no time.

Before you begin…

Not All Creators are the Same

Creators have spent years honing their art or their craft and that’s what they are known for. If you ask a realism portrait artist to paint you a pop-art inspired landscape, they’ll probably say no. Just as if you were to ask a custom bag designer to draw you a custom comic book. And that’s a good thing. Though these seem to be more outlandish examples, it’s important that commission something the artist actually does.

Set Your Expectations

Our imaginations trick us all the time. Our mind’s eye shows us what we think can exist, but it doesn’t always give us enough details to make it real. The same thing comes with creating commissions. What you communicate could be very different than what you think you’re communicating.

That isn’t to say you shouldn’t expect to get exactly what you want. We’ve created this platform to create better communication between you and creators. But it’s much more exciting when you see the end product as something that has evolved from your initial idea into something both you and your creator created together.

Why You Want a Commission

Though you don’t need to know what you’re looking for, it does help to have some sort of idea of why you want it. Is it for you? For a friend? A loved one? Is it for a birthday, a wedding gift, or is it to cover a large white space on your living room wall? Alternatively, you may know exactly what you want but you’re just looking for someone to make it. Whatever the case, you’re now ready for the first step.

Step 1: Finding what you like

Browse Comish and find out what you like; this could be an artist, a specific work you’ve seen, or even just a product that you want to be fully customised. The closer you find to what it is you’re looking to commission, the easier it will be to communicate exactly what it is you want.

But, if you’re looking to create something a bit more unexpected, something you can collaborate with the artist on a bit more, look for an artist with style or use of materials that you like and talk to them about what they can do with your idea.

Step 2: Knowing your budget

It’s nearly impossible to put a price on something that is truly personal. But creating that item takes more time and effort than something which is mass-produced. On average, you can expect a custom piece to be a little bit pricier than something that’s “off-the-rack”. But if you talk to anyone who’s ever commissioned something, they’ll tell you it’s worth it.

So it’s important to have at least a rough budget in mind before you begin your commission. At Comish, we try to ensure that we have artists and creators who can meet most budgets.

Step 3: Communicating your idea

This is probably the most important step. Like we mentioned before, you don’t need to know exactly what you want. But it’s important you communicate exactly what you’re thinking. It’s okay to tell a creator that you like something that they did and you want it to be personalised somehow. It’s also okay to tell them that you need help in coming up with an idea.

Give the creator as much information as you can about yourself, the person you’re commissioning for, the reason you’re getting this, picture or video references; anything that can inspire and help them create something amazing for you. And after discussing with the creator, maybe you’ll come up with a stronger idea, or together you’ll come up with something that’s perfect.

Remember that they want to create something great. Your job is to help them create something great for you.

Step 4: Giving it time

All great things take time. And a custom or personalised product is no exception. At Comish, we encourage creators to continually update their buyers. And we encourage you to engage your creator. Let them know what is and isn’t working. But don’t forget to be nice (which we’re sure you are) when you communicate your concerns.

It’s also important to know that changes or modifications take time and will increase the estimated date of delivery for a commission. But if things seem to be taking much longer than expected, don’t worry; we’ll step in and see how we can help improve the delivery time.

Once you’ve received your commission…

Enjoy it! Tell it’s story! This is something that is created specifically for you or your loved ones. And don’t forget to thank the creator. Obviously this one is something we’re sure you’d do anyway, but we just wanted to point out how much creators appreciate knowing that you like what they created.

Do let us know if there’s anything we’ve left out in the comments section below.

Happy Commissioning!

The Comish Team


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