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The Reason Why I Can’t Get Sober (and either can you)

The 3 Steps To KICKING Cravings and Getting the Lean, Toned Body You Want

By Kevin DiDonato MS, CES — Level 1 Precision Nutrition Certified and Certified Personal Trainer

Energy-containing drinks, nutritional drinks, and even protein shakes may not SATISFY you — depending on how they’re made. Have you ever had a shake that was made with water for instance? Did it fill you up? Were you hungry IMMEDIATELY after you had the shake? Of course you were!

And researchers seem to think this has to do with your brain, and how it perceives a drink.

Energy Drinks and Your Brain Did you know that drinking an energy-containing drink may lead to you becoming overweight or obese? The reason: Most people feel that a meal replacement (energy-containing drink or a shake) that comes in the liquid variety may lack in nutritional value, therefore leading to less appetite control.

And this could lead you down a very dangerous path!

When you think, or perceive, that you are NOT full, then you may search out other foods in order to satisfy your appetite. This could result in overeating, looking for high-calorie foods, or simply eating empty calories!

However, a new study shows that by changing the TEXTURE of a drink (or shake), may lead to better appetite control AND better satisfaction.

The researchers compared the results from two different groups. One group consumed a yogurt-based drink that increased in viscosity, by adding different doses of tara gum to the drink. This increased the viscosity of the drink, but did not add significant nutritional value to it. The other group consumed a yogurt-based drink that increased both creaminess and thickness. And the yogurt-based drinks in this group were either LOW-ENERGY or HIGH-ENERGY drinks. What the researchers found was ASTONISHING!

They found that people who consumed the thicker and creamier shake, perceived (or thought) the drink would be more filling, therefore it improved their satisfaction.

And this had NOTHING to do with the energy of the drink!

Simply put, the thicker the drink, the more the person was satisfied — even when the energy content was LOW or HIGH.

However, they did show one unique difference. They found that those who consumed the thicker drink, had a greater sense of satisfaction when they compared it to the creamier version. They concluded:

“These results show that small changes to the texture and creamy flavor can increase expectations that a fruit yogurt drink will be filling and suppress hunger, regardless of the drink’s energy content. A thicker texture improved the expectations of satiety (satisfaction) to a greater extent than a creamier flavor, and may be one way to improve the anticipated satiating value of energy-containing beverages.”

What You Can Do Many of the commercially-made shakes on the market today may leave you feeling hungry, which could lead you to overeat at your next meal, or immediately after your shake. However, this study shows that the thicker the shake, or the creamier the shake, the more likely you will feel satisfied So here is what you can do to thicken your next shake:

Use Coconut Milk…

Coconut milk is a thicker and creamier product that may add tons of flavor and nutrition to your common shake.

But wait, doesn’t coconut milk have lots of fat?

It’s true that coconut milk has a lot of fat, but believe me, it’s GOOD FAT!

The fat found in coconut milk is mainly medium-chain triglycerides, which your body is able to use for energy, and very seldom does it store this type of fat. So before you reach for the milk or water, give coconut milk a try to add thickness, add nutrition, essential fats, and plenty of FLAVOR!

You can use Almond Milk…

Similar to coconut milk, almond milk is also a great alternative to both water or low-fat milk. Plus, almond milk contains plenty of added nutrition. It may be higher in protein (remember almonds are a great source of protein), and higher in omega-3 fatty acids. And this could be a great way to boost your overall health!

You can add flaxseed meal…

Flaxseed meal has been used to thicken things such as soups, stews, and chowders. But what it REALLY does well in thickening is shakes! Plus, flaxseed meal contains heart-healthy ALA, which is one form of the omega-3 fatty acids.

And, flaxseed meal is LOW-CARB, which is great for those interested in the lower carb lifestyle.

Instantly Make Your Shake Better

So if you want to fortify your shake, or you are looking to make it thick and creamy, try these three alternative ingredients.

This will thicken your shake, deliver even MORE nutrition, and may keep you fuller and more satisfied for a longer period of time!

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