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The Rules of Productivity (Hack #1)

Be a better version of yourself, it’s easy.

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I recently decided to start a series on life hacks and how to make some adjustments that can improve you even just a little bit. So, here’s the first article, The Rules of Productivity.

In the business world, being the most productive version of yourself is one of the most important elements of getting work done and being successful. The difference between those who procrastinate and those who are productive is massive; one makes it further than the other and I’ll let you guess which one that is, it’s not that hard. The good thing about this harsh reality is that you can easily make yourself a more productive version of yourself; you just need to implement the right actions and live out those actions like it’s do or die. If you want to undertake the journey of building yourself up to be a more productive person, here are some of the keys to productivity:

  1. Make a Plan and Stick to It — One of the most important bits of being a productive person is being fully aware of what needs to be done in a day, plan what you need to do for each day in advance of when that day actually comes. By planning, I don’t mean create a rough guideline; literally make a timetable and stick to it. Knowing what you need to get done will drive you to actually get it done, when you make it to the end of the day and have everything finished, you’ll feel like a boss. However, get to the end of the day and have things that aren’t done or something you forgot about and you feel pretty stressed out and you’ll probably ruin one of the other keys to productivity (sleep).
  2. Get The Boring/Hard Tasks Finished First — Research shows that a majority of people are more productive in the morning hours, so make the most of it and get the hard tasks out of the way; you’ll probably get it done quicker and you’ll feel pretty damn good after it knowing that all the other tasks in your day are going to be easier. Implement this in your plan, set aside the right amount of time in the morning to get the harder tasks done and then let yourself enjoy the later hours in the day where your tasks are easier and way less complicated. Don’t ‘ease’ yourself into the day, get straight into your tasks and you’ll find that you’ll also be more motivated to complete the rest of your tasks throughout the rest of the day.
  3. Sleep — I hear a lot of people say that ‘sleep is for the weak’ or that ‘there aint no rest for the wicked’ but that’s exactly what you are; wicked. Getting a solid night of sleep is pivotal to achieving a productive day of work and it’s an absolute must; don’t sacrifice it, it’s a basic human need. Now, when I say that you need sleep to be productive; I don’t mean taking a 2 hour nap in the middle of the day because you’re just exhausted. Take a look at the recommended time that you need to sleep, usually around 8 hours for adults and 9 for adolescents and try and get that much each night; if you do that you probably won’t need that two hour nap during the day when you could be delivering some of your most productive work.
  4. Exercise — One of the most effective ways of making yourself productive is to work out, this can either be by going to the gym or by simply going for a walk/run. Working out releases endorphins which makes you feel more positive and energetic; you can harness this positivity and make yourself productive in your other daily tasks. It doesn’t have to be a strenuous work out either, a short one will do. I found that one of the most productive times that I have is when I come home from the gym, I feel like I could smash out any challenge after releasing those endorphins!
  5. Take Breaks — Your brain can only stay focused for so long, remember to have a rest and take some breaks; but don’t overdo it! Within this one is eating and drinking, eat healthy and stay hydrated; I added those in this section because you should eat during your breaks so you don’t waste that time elsewhere #productivitygoals
  6. Do Sh*t You Love — If you enjoy what you’re doing you’ll automatically become the most productive version of yourself because you want to be spending every moment of the day doing just that. Don’t waste your time on stuff you don’t enjoy that isn’t entirely necessary, stay tunnel visioned and reach your goals faster. If there’s something you hate doing but is absolutely necessary; turn it into something you love and make it fun! (If that’s even possible, just try)
  7. Don’t be Stubborn — If people are willing to help you do something that they’re good at or that you aren’t so good at, let them help you. You’ll get things done faster if you work with someone that is skillful in what you’re doing. Therefore, an addition to this step is to Network and find people to collaborate with on your projects. You’ll save heaps of time and you’re work will also be better quality. Networking is one of the most productive things you can do with your time, don’t give up on communicating with others to save time, creating contacts for the future is underrated.
  8. Prioritize — Some things are more important than others, and some don’t even need to be done. Figure out what’s important and make sure it’s done first. Analyse the situation and figure out If there is anyway of being more productive, for example a face to face meeting can be easily substituted with a FaceTime or Skype call; instead of wasting an hour getting somewhere to do the meeting, start it instantly and cut out that pointless journey. That’s just one example; figure out how to use this hack for every situation.

Follow these keys to productivity and you’ll be the best version of yourself in no time! Remember to follow me so that you can keep up to date with the other articles in this series and the rest of my awesome blogs!!! (Shameless Plug)

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