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The Ultimate Guide for buying the Right AC in India

With mercury levels soaring to all time high. Buying an air conditioner is number one thing on your shopping checklist. There are too many AC brands in India.

How do you decide which one to buy?

All you need is to walk into a nearby store, look at the available models, purchase the one that suits your budget. If this is what you think you should do — it is not. Doing a thorough research is very important.

The AC market in India is cluttered now a days.There are lot of brands to choose from. There are lot of new features to consider before we jump into the final purchase.

With some knowledge about the buying behavior of Indians, I’m sure nobody ever does these mistakes

  1. Getting carried away with things said by in-store salesman
  2. Not having any idea before walking into a shop

More than too many brands, there are too many dealers. Moreover, buying AC online seems to be the modern rage. And a handful of deals to confuse you more.

Nevertheless, before buying an AC you should have fair share of knowledge that would help you get the right one for your home.

An average buyer would at least have knowledge on the consumer market and the brands available in India.

Air Conditioner Market in India

According to All India Air conditioning & Refrigeration Association (AIACRA) CAGR of air conditioning system is 15–20% which is highest among all the countries.

Air conditioning Systems

  • Growth during last 5 years : over 20%

Present penetration level is barely 3%

  • Expected growth during medium term (3~5 years) : 15~20%

You have all the information you need on your fingertips. So, it is better to hit the search button before hitting the shop.

It is better to understand variety of models available in market. You should consider several factors to draw a comparison between many models. What sells the most, customer reviews, energy saving, capacity and so on.

9 Factors to consider before buying an AC

1. Room size

You have to buy the right model AC depending on your room size. If you end up buying a very huge AC for a small room or vice versa the purpose doesn’t get served.

Practically, for a room size of 120X140 sqft would require 1 ton. A room size of 150X180 would require 1.5 ton AC. Anything more than that would require a 2 ton AC.

Most of our Indian bedrooms would fall into the 1.5 to 1 ton category. A 0.75 ton would be the best choice if you have a very small bedroom.

Nowadays, most of our homes do not restrict the usage of ACs to only the bedrooms. We install one for living rooms too. So, living rooms would mostly require a 2 ton ac or two 1.5 ton A

2. Types of ACs

Window AC and Split AC are the top most types of ACs that we use for domestic purposes.

Window ACs are not considered these days as they are bulky and noisy. It is occupies less space and offers Low maintenance cost

Split ACs in the other hand is incredibly noise free, aesthetically pleasing. But, the maintenance cost increases with age. If you are shifting your house, the movement of ac comes with huge amount of cost. Split ACs are mostly preferred because there are many energy saving models in Indian market.

3. Energy Rating

Energy efficiency of an AC is determined by star rating. Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) issued by BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency). This is the first thing that you would consider for choosing a particular model. Inverter AC or an AC with 5 star rating is best in a long run. It is great as far as energy efficiency is concerned. It saves on your energy bills.

Based on the current buying trends in India. The top models that saves on your energy bill are,

  1. Hitachi
  2. Daikin
  3. Mitsubishi (Heavy and Electric)
  4. O General
  5. Blue Star

But, not all the 5 star rated ACs are best suited for you. Consider all the other factors that would help you buying the right AC.

4. Service

One of the main things that you should look for is the after sales service. It is really important to buy ac which could be installed without much hassle. I know we all hate to call the automated helpline to fix an appointment.

Check for the service specific reviews. It is possible for a top rated model to have bad customer service reviews. You should also look for the presence of the service outlets near your locality. Also, check for free service option.

5. Features

The Features to look for are ACs with dehumidifier. The hot weather brings more humidity. Humidity would in turn bring moisture. Moisture would cause moulds and allergens. ACs with this function ensures faster cooling. There are many other features like turbo mode, AC that suits all climates, Sleep mode and so on. There are more interesting features like restore option. On the event of power cut, this features helps to restore the last setting

6. Buying options

Buying on store vs. Buying online

While buying on store is best if you want to look at the physical product before buying it. If you have decided on which AC to buy. It is best to search for the best deals that are available online. It also helps to know the exact rates of ACs. Buying AC online is for you if you want to save time and money.

Online shoppers get the benefit of buying at great discounts. Moreover, you would not be bombarded by salesmen. There are lot of deals and coupons that you could get, if you are buying online. Mostly online shopping websites offer cash on delivery and of course free delivery. It is best advisable to choose a best deal by doing a proper product specific search.

7. Number of people, doors and windows in a room

Every human being emits heat and the AC that you would buy should be able to cool the heat generated by the occupants. If in a room size of 150 sq ft, there is going to be 6 Adults, then the AC’s tonnage should be slightly higher than the prescribed limit.

You must also consider the number of door and windows in the room. The amount of heat which the room is going to accumulate depends on the number of openings.

8. The green quotient

If you are a person who is really concerned about the environment. Then this would also be a factor which would help you choose the right AC. There are quite a few brands that is claiming to have a system that controls energy wastage. Check for Panasonic and Godrej brands which are best known for Green ACs.

9. Reviews

Who doesn’t read reviews before buying a product. Reviews are, in most cases, on of the important factors that influence buying. It is best to look for reviews not only from users but also from influencers. They would be able to tell you an overall analysis of the product. If you are lucky, you would be able to find a blog from such an influencer, describing every aspect of the product.


Buying an AC is no more a luxury in India. It is a necessity. We have come to the level of buying ACs for out entire home. This is mainly due to global warming at ever alarming rates. I am sure this guide would throw light on buying the right AC for your home.

Tell me which AC you prefer the most? What is your worst/ best buying experience? While buying an AC which factor do you consider the most?

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