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Want your dreams fulfilled? Befriend the Fulfiller of all dreams (in 5 easy steps)

We have all of these desires, dreams, hopes. We walk around with them hidden in our hearts, afraid to trot them out because the world will assault them, talk to us about probabilities and realities, tell us to “Get Real”.

So our lives become ashen routines of automatons, quietly yearning for fulfillment that exists only in our heads.

Our fantasies.

Or maybe you’ve met your goals, only to find that your anxieties and insecurities not only didn’t go away, but were magnified.

Only to find that it’s lonely at the top.

Your dreams aren’t really a search for the perfect job or the perfect mate. They’re not even a search for world improvement.

Your dreams are about fulfillment, becoming whole, being your True Self.

You interpret that to mean the right career, model husband and world peace. Maybe those things will take you to fulfillment, but they aren’t substitutes for it.

The key to your fulfillment — to realizing your dreams — is to enter into a relationship with the One who wrote those dreams into your heart.

Your dreams aren’t just a set of personal wishes. Nope. They’re much more important than that.

God gave us all hopes and dreams. When we chase and realize those dreams, we are putting God’s plan in action.

So, how do we establish that relationship, that friendship with our Creator that is so vital to our own personal fulfillment and maybe (definitely) vital to building a spiritually evolved planet? Here are five steps . . .

#1 Have faith.

Sounds so simple doesn’t it? Just believe.

You choose what you want to believe in. We all do. God made a universe in which we get to believe anything we want, even if we’re totally wrong. It’s called free will. So simply use your free will for faith. Right?

Except that the opinions and beliefs of those around you may counter yours.

The opinions of family members, friends, colleagues are all pushing against you. Maybe they outright tell you not to be such a dreamer. Be practical. Or maybe they just humor you when you tell them what you want and what’s important to you.

They give you that condescending grin, smile, shrug.

Fight against all of it.

Your dreams aren’t subject to majority opinion. They aren’t on the ballot come election day.

There are only two opinions that matter: yours and the opinion of your Creator. Have faith in God and He’ll steer you toward fulfillment.

Having trouble acquiring or maintaining faith? Simple. Ask God for it. Faith is a gift He loves to give.

#2 Ask for what you want.

To really ask is to open the door to the whirlwind — Anne Rice.

Again, more simplicity. But how many of us do it? Do we honestly put our attention on God and directly state the things we want?

Or do we think: He has better things to do than grant me my paltry desires?

Or: I can’t ask for these things because that’s selfish?

Or: God is vast and far away and doesn’t hear any of my requests anyway?

The truth is that God is close to us and wants us to ask for the desires that He put in our hearts.

But if He already put that stuff there, why does He need us to ask for it?

Because God has a radical vision for the future of our earth. He wants us to join Him in enacting that vision. He wants us as His partners. And, yes, your seemingly small wants and desires are part of His vast plan.

So, ask away.

Ask for all of it.

#3 Stop dwelling on what you want and help someone else get what she wants.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others — Mahatma Gandhi

After you ask for what you want, forget about it.

A crucial human problem is the inability to let go of the things we want. When you send those intentions out into the Universe, up toward God, let Him have them. Don’t take them back. Surrender control. More on this in point #5.

After you’ve asked something and let it go, you should have “headspace” to work with, meaning you’re not constantly turning over your wants in your mind.

Take those extra brain cells and focus them on somebody else. Help that person get what she wants.

In this way, you are cooperating with the universe and fulfilling God’s plan for all of us. You are showing God you are part of the solution. He will reward you.

#4 Go to war with spiritual demons.

Demons are like obedient dogs; they come when they are called. — Remy de Gourmont

What keeps us from getting what we want?

It’s not an unjust universe.

It’s not the rich nor the government.

It’s not bad luck (no such thing).

We don’t get what we want because we indulge the following demons: fear, doubt, anxiety, judgement.

We let these negatives seep into our consciousness. We’re trained to do that by our parents, teachers, societal elites.

We’re afraid to take risks, afraid we aren’t good enough; think our wants unworthy and base (think that way about ourselves).

Cast those demons out.

When you feel those thoughts entering your brain, get all old school fundamentalist on them and shout, “Get behind me, Satan!” Just make sure no one’s around when you do it.

God will see you and, initially, He’ll laugh (God has a great sense of humor), but then He’ll assure your success. After all, you’re a good soldier who deserves reward.

#5 Surrender

This is the hardest, most advanced step.

It seems counterintuitive. Yet, truly, it is the simplest and most effective step.

Give up.

Take everything that you want, and everything that you are, and hand it to Him.

Acknowledge your frailty before God.

Acknowledge your demons, how they batter you daily.

Make your surrender an act of love for Him, the way a child solicits a parent. God, Who is love, cannot resist this gift from you.

Note: when you surrender everything to Him, that includes outcomes. You’re telling Him to take your desires and make them His, do with them what He will. You will accept His plans and results. This is the ultimate act of trust. You just need courage and an open mind (ask for those virtues, too).

Your dreams are important, not just to you but to the whole world.

They are important to God.

You have dreams for yourself. They come from Him. Realizing those dreams is integral to fulfilling His plans.

Befriend God.

Work with Him.

Ask Him to realize His dreams for you. You might find the friendship with God you gain supersedes all of the career, relationship and personal goals you meet.

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