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What are the steps to create?

Every so often we think of the artist as strange creature that innately create thinks that no-one thought of.

The myth of the muse for example: this nymph that whispers in the artist ear and guides him.

That old myth of the muse

But to tell you the truth there no such thing as a master guide that will take your hand and help you to get out what you imagine in your head. It’s a more painful process than that because simply the guide doesn’t exist. You have to create it yourself, and find a way to express yourself on your own. No-one can do that for you.

But you’ll tell me, what are art school for ? Well, it’s more a playground to learn and experiment things you didn’t think of. By learning the technicalities of a mean of expression, it allows you to have the tools that you need to extract your ideas and flesh them out.

So yes, there’s this part of innate in each of us. Something that we have in our cores that makes us sensitives about certains things. But that’s just a part of the recipe. Being creative is something that you train and test constantly.


I’ll give you the set of mind that I’ve learn and understand. I’ll make it as wide as possible so that you can apply it to any creative domain that speaks to you.

The trinity: a creative process

Because an idea is so fleeting and also the starting point, catching it is the underestimated part. But it is really important for you to capture it with any means nowadays that you have (taking a picture, write in down, sketch it whether it’s on your phone or sketchbook). You can find this idea on your own, but don’t underestimate the power of debate. Talk with your friends, relatives… Open your mind to what they say but also question their argument. Have a sandbox of ideas ! Never run out of them.

Be a sponge.

Absorb as much as you can

What do I do next with all those ideas? I don’t know what to do with them you’ll tell me. Try not to feel overwhelmed because next, that’s the fun part. The next step, you have to choose an idea. It can be the one that you feel the most confortable with. Trust you instincts. What you feel rather than what you know what is right or wrong. Test this idea. That’s when the fact of daring comes into play. Are you willing to dare to try even it’s seams completely foolish at first? Do it. Act. But most importantly fail! Fail hard, fail big. Don’t worry about falling because that’s in the process that your learning. Try again. Be relentless. In a way be brave to fail.

Dare to try, even if you fail

It may not be the answer that you were seeking but failing is the key of learning. Failing with determination. Not only in the creative field but in any field, in your daily life too. We glorify too much success as a mean and forget that failure is essential to learn. It is through your mistakes that you can see you path to fix them.

See it as a footsteps on the snow. Or a lifeline in a maze. Or even a vortex !

You need something to remind you of what’s not working to improve. Failing allows you that.

Capture what you test and share it with the wold

To summarize:

Try. Do. Fail. Fix = Learn.

Creativity encompass all that.

That’s a tiny bit of the iceberg. But I think it’s helpful to get that. Specially when you’re in an artblock, doubting yourself, insecure.

Thanks for reading. Remember, the end point isn’t the most important, but the journey is!

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